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Shopping Season Has Arrived: A Cyber Monday Wishlist

Community Manager

It’s time to say goodbye to spooky season and welcome the season of shopping deals. Forget haunted houses and scary movies—you won’t be running anywhere but towards the checkout button!

We've all had a wishlist just waiting for the sales, and what better way to make those wishes a reality than from the comfort of your home this Cyber Monday (Dec. 2)? In the spirit of shopping season we want to know what you have your eye on this year. Maybe you’re looking for a new video doorbell, router, or feature/functionality for a product? Whatever it is, we want to know!

Tell us what new technology, products, updates, and functionalities you’re most excited for by November 12 and we’ll give you 250 THWACK points in exchange.


New THWACK store swag, of course!! That's what we're all waiting for!!

Community Manager
Community Manager

belly laugh.gif

are these Thwack Store items? 

Echo Show


Echo Dot

Arlo Pro 2 Wireless 2 cameras setup

Fire TV

Apple TV

85 inch QLED HD TV

Tickets to the Who

Smart Home devices like (light bulbs, light switches) etc

Outside flood lights with camera


SW - clothing


It would be nice to be able to use a home DVR to log your ring doorbell video on and not have to pay a monthly subscription fee for the privilege of them hosting it for you.

They say it is secure and nobody has access to it....based on various other companies these days I just don't see that being true.

Level 13

Nest Thermostat and Video Doorbell

InstaOne 360 Camera

Level 10

Always look for more personal data storage options.  Cannot have enough disk space at home to store whatever it is!

Smart-Home technology

Security Cameras

May sound silly but I do the cooking in the house, new pots and pans! 

Clothing of course as gets worn out.

And as always, something I don't need but would like to have!

Level 8

Garmin Edge 530

Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses

Juiced CampScrambler - Electric Adventure Bike

Tesla Model 3 Performance Dual Motor

Level 8

Unfortunately thwack store doesn't ship to Macao\China area!

more options of clothing, smart tech and certification vouchers would be great!

Level 16

My Cyber wish list this year is to have my shopping complete prior to Thanksgiving and the goal is to do 100% online shopping. 

Level 14
Level 12

Excited to get some smart switches (still looking for a good outdoor model) to complete me smart home.

Level 8

Storage. SSDs and HDDs galore.

Level 14

I think this is one of the first years that I don't really have anything on my wish list tech related.  The only things I really want to splurge on are lowering springs (and a supercharger day) for my challenger. 

Level 16

Might take a look at the $25 Wyze cams.... no monthly fee, they do save some video to the cloud and they have an SD slot so you can record long term.

Level 14

Also, we're upgrading our SW suite next week (hopefully).  This is something I've been excited about due to our growth exceeding our current system.  And I agree with wluther​ about new items in the Thwack store!

Level 12

The only thing I'm looking for is good airfare. Last year Emirates had a very good sale on business class seats and Air France briefly had an incredible price on first class seats from Los Angeles to Paris.

Level 12

smart battery backups, smart switches, tele-data cabinet, and a large IT closet

Level 12

Anything portable and/or travel related along SW clothing (Jacket, Polo, Dress Shirt, etc..)


Lest anyone forget, there are good ideas at an earlier poll's thread:

A number of things remain on my Christmas list, while many others have been removed or replaced.  In no particular order:

  • 26' Fifth-wheel camper trailer with rear-towing capabilities for towing my boat to those distant wilderness lakes
  • A 2018 Chev or GMC 2500 HD pickup to tow the camper and boat.  Non-"dually", rear camera built into dash (not in rear mirror), 5th wheel tow package.  6.6 Liter Turbo Diesel Engine.
  • Acoustic Image Bass Amp & Speaker
  • A pliers organizer for my boat--magnetic holders
  • Smithwich Devil's Horse Muskie lures
  • 8" Otter Ice Auger Shield
  • MarCum LX9 Digital Sonar/Camera (for watching the fish not bite my bait while I'm out ice fishing this winter)
  • Paul Mauriat PMXT-66R Series Tenor Sax to replace my 1970 LeBlanc Tenor
  • Powerwinch 315 Trailer Winch (for hauling my boat up onto the trailer as I get older)
  • Waterproof GoPro camera & mounting accessories, maybe a GoPro Hero or equivalent
  • Jabsco 60020-0000 Marine 135SL Remote Control Marine Halogen Searchlight with joy stick (for my boat, when I'm out at night)
  • Canon EF 100-400 mm f/4.5 Zoom for digital Canon SLR cameras
  • Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inch, 3rd Generation, with AirTurn Duo 200 Bluetooth Pedal Page Turner App Controller
  • Hercules KB200B Keyboard Bench
  • Two Shure ULX-D Wireless Microphone Systems
  • Shure ULXD4 H50 Digital Network Wireless Receiver (or equivalent for Shure wireless microphones listed above)
  • Garmin GPSMap 1242xv Touch, SideVu, ClearVu, Chirp Sonar with Mapping, Livescope compatible, or
  • Garmin GPSMap 761xsv 16" MFD w/US Maps
  • Garmin Livescope System transducer for above listed Garmin GPSMap unit
  • Globalstar GSP-1600 Satellite Phone
Level 8

Would love to get my hands on a 4k Monitor


rschroeder​ have you looked at the Tamron 150-600mm G2 lens?

I had the opportunity to use one at Yellowstone National Park a few years back with my Nikon.

It was surprisingly sharp and the reviews on were fairly decent.  I believe the gen2 has improved things.

I was able to get shots I couldn't with my Nikon 80-200 f2.8 due to distance.  I ended up using the Tamron and my 50mm f 1.8 the entire time I was in the park.

The other lenses stayed packed up.  I know of a number of people that use it for birding.

SolarWinds dice set

Amazon Echo or Sonos 1 (why are there no other WiFi speaker options?!)

pellet smoker

a better Google Pixel 4

I've never tried it.  By the time I'd completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Photographic Engineer Technology in the early 1980's I was far gone into cameras, lenses, home dark room, commercial dark rooms, etc.  I worked in that industry for a dozen years and left it when digital replaced chemical processes, and since then I've stayed with easy, small, point-and-shoot equipment.  Lately I've been perfectly satisfied using my Samsung 8 cell phone's camera for most purposes.  Although, I've been known to go digi-scoping with a Leupold 12x-40x Gold Ring spotting scope and a small digital Canon Pixie camera.  It's not fast, but when the subject is stable and the lighting is right, it can blow many bigger professional cameras & lenses out of the water.  But those are some pretty big "ifs".

Level 8

Maybe something geared towards women in tech?

I mean the SW shirt I have is comfy and those SW socks look awesome, but there isn't much for people who enjoy wearing more feminine looking apparel.

Level 7

Someone already mention it but I would like the option for cert vouchers and training.  Otherwise stuff for my Harley Davidson motorcycle and mustang.  


I'm wishing for home security cameras. And I'm also looking for a new TV PVR.

Security cameras

Battery backup

Podcasting setup

Cable tester

24U full-depth data cabinet

Level 12

Spending time with family looking for “the best deal!”

checkpoint 750 firewall endpoint

new console, sony/Nintendo

four disk nas

new pc/rig, quad-core, 32gb ram, 4tb hdd, 8gb video


Wired headphones, don’t like the idea of having a battery near my ears 😞

Level 8

New THWACK store swag! And for the Solarwinds hammock to come back to the THWACK  store!

Level 7

New THWACK wireless IPWebcam, more monitoring, physically as well!

Level 9

At first, want this service to be available in India also..

Level 7

Any External storage

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Level 9

Beats Headphones

Drone with HD Video

Ring Doorbell

Google Nest

Level 9



Arlo or Amazon Camera


Bose 300 Soundbar

Optoma's new Cinemax P1 Projector - UST Laser Home Cinema Projector 4K


Most of my money is going into the house at this point, but tech wise I want to get my Forza Motorsports back up and running. That will mean 3 new monitors and getting my "butt kickers" hooked up on the racing seat.

At work I'm shopping for a USB monitor for when I'm on the road.

Level 12

Bose soundbar. Well, any soundbar really, but since this is a "wish" list...

Level 12

Yeti Mugs

Level 8

SolarWinds dashboard through a VR headset.

Level 11

On the hunt for a new tablet.

Level 9

I am hoping to get a drone.  Been wanting to learn how to fly one and do aerial photography

Level 8

Smart home devices all the way!

(Drone would nice) 😉

Level 9

I'm with mlovelady11​, more gear for women would be great! A SW polo would be a great addition to my wardrobe.

I'm also keeping my eye on some games for the Switch!

Level 7

A quality dash cam for the car.

Google Nest thermostat

Pixel 4XL

Bring back the lab-coats!!

Level 7

Apple Watch

Canon 35mm lens

Wireless earbuds

Level 9

For personal/home, I would love to a good Wear OS smartwatch.  Come on Goggle release the Pixel Watch already.

For business/work, Nexus 9k core switches.

Level 9

I want a Ring doorbell video system so I can share may data with the neighborhood and the police!

Level 9

Hoping for a deal on a new Surface tablet.

Fitness tracker / watch (something besides Apple)

More time to fly my R/C planes.

More money to buy more R/C planes!

Ability to instantly absorb training into my brain!  The CCNA prep is whipping my behind.

Invisalign (this lower left cuspid has been slowly, but surely, moving out of whack all my life and it's really starting to bug me!)

<SOAPBOX> For everyone to slow down, #DropThePhone, and chill out!  There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING so important that it's worth risking the loss of your life OR MINE! </SOAPBOX>

<POLITICAL> For the madness to cease.  I say fire the lot of them, start fresh and have all three branches of government get back to what Abraham Lincoln said they were supposed to be: "[...] of the people, by the people, and for the people [...]" </POLITICAL>

Oh, yeah, the "Break My Day" stuff back in stock...teehee!

And, finally, World Peace...oh, but I guess all the pageant peeps say that, huh?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays (or, if you don't celebrate, good cheer then) to everyone in this crazy, flipped out world we call THWACK!

I like your snarkasm,​...we have a Ring and the thing that drives me crazy are the motion alerts.  I've tried dialing it back, around, up, down and sideways and it still keeps yelling at us every time a car leaves or enters the cul-de-sac.  I think I would go for something different but yeah, good ole "Big Brother" is gonna have his fingers in about everybody's pies.