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[SURVEY] SolarWinds IT Pro Day 2020: You Were Built for This

Community Manager

The unprecedented changes brought about by COVID-19 have impacted not just our health concerns but our lifestyle considerations—from sharing workspace with family and pets, to learning how to home school our kids, and many other things in between. Many of the lifestyle shifts we’ve had to make couldn’t have happened without modern technology.

The success of organizations during this time is due in large part to tech pros’ preparedness and ability to adapt and manage through substantial change. We didn’t know it at the time, but all your training, ideas, and skill sets were leading up to this year’s events, which saw entire organizations rely on IT teams to keep their business up and running. The global community of tech pros rose to the occasion to ensure we’ve all been able to remain connected and productive while working from home.

In the spirit of recognizing the work tech pros around the world have done in the past several months, we want to hear how you were built for this challenge and what you think the future of IT will look like.

Share your thoughts by following these three easy steps:

  • Click HERE to get started (Hurry! You only have until July 31)
  • Enter your THWACK® username
  • As a thank you, we’ll deposit 500 THWACK points into your account by August 7th

We’ll be releasing the findings in celebration of IT Pro Day 2020 (September 15), so keep an eye out to see what your colleagues and peers thought. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us.

Level 10


Just completed the survey - but did not see a place to put my Thwack name.  Did I miss it?

Level 14

I took the survey but it never prompted me to enter my Thwack user name.

Level 12

I also took the survey but was not prompted me to enter my Thwack user name.

Level 9

same here - took the survey, no opportunity to enter thwack username

Community Manager
Community Manager

Woops! Let me do a quick double check. Hold please! 🙂

Community Manager
Community Manager

Fixed! If you already submitted without a user ID, you can either resubmit or shoot me a DM. Thanks for the heads up, all! Good lookin' out 🙏