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[SURVEY] Revamping How Orion Presents Status Information

Level 16

Today, many objects in Orion have a status, and Orion has different kinds of statuses. We’re kicking around the idea of streamlining status so that you can use status to determine one thing:  How concerned should I be about this object?

We’d like to hear your thoughts on statuses. Please click here to take our 10 minute survey, and you'll get in return 250 thwack points.

The survey closes on November 3rd.


Level 9

My main concern is the object up or down.


Done !

Level 10

Done! Hopefully you get some good feedback from this. It has been a "sticky" issue in the past trying to explain the difference between a "green & red" dot to management.

Level 11

Boss: But it is RED!

SysAdmin: You are correct!

Boss smiles because he is correct.

SysAdmin: "Sigh"

Boss: It is still RED!

SysAdmin: Yes, but the server is not down.

Boss: But it is RED!


Level 10

The story of our lives...

Level 8


Level 10

YES!  This feature would be incredible for executive views.

Mission accomplished.

Level 16

Thanks to everyone who completed this survey!

Points have been awarded.