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[SURVEY] Purchasing Preferences

Community Manager

The SolarWinds product team is exploring how technology professionals prefer to buy IT monitoring products and invites you to complete a short (510 minute) survey on the topic. This survey ends September 30, 2020. 

The first 25 people who fully complete the survey will receive a US$25 Amazon gift card*, while supplies last. 

Everyone who completes the survey and enters their THWACK username will be rewarded 2,000 THWACK points to use in the THWACKstore, good towards any purchase. 

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*Terms & Conditions apply

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Done.  Thanks!  Also.....

Question 10 needs another option.  We use containers but I would not say we "primarily use containers".

I've taken the survey 🙂

If this is foreshadowing, my firm opinion is that an enterprise tool should have a fixed cost/tier, and per-device is too restrictive. Per user/test/GB/device pricing, ultimately, reduces the scope of monitoring, as people will "race to the bottom", to get the cheapest coverage, sacrificing monitoring scope for £'s saved.

Case in point, the move to SAM per-node licensing, over the old component-based system, has severely impacted on small-medium size sales, as the cost is prohibitive to many.

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Thanks for the points.

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Survey all done.



Done, thank you.

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@OliviaP  survey completed, although it did not request my user name at the end ... hoping this is normal

Community Manager
Community Manager

@undesired_result - hmmm, looks like the survey only asked for your THWACK username if you answered yes to being a SolarWinds customer. I'll make sure I get you on the list for your 2,000 THWACK points!

@OliviaP I didn't even mean to check that lol We are a customer ... must have coffee before engaging brain 😂