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[SURVEY] Have You Used Tell Us Your Experience & Earn THWACK Points

Product Manager

We want to hear about your experience!

We recently updated our SolarWinds Online Demo and, with your help, we can make it even better. Take 5 – 10 minutes to share your experience with the SolarWinds Online Demo and receive 250 THWACK® points.

It’s just three easy steps:

      1. Click HERE to complete the survey (Hurry! You only have until August 10).
      2. Don't forget to insert your THWACK username at the end of the survey.
      3. As a thank you, we’ll deposit 250 THWACK® points into your account after the survey has closed on August 13.



I think is an underutilized resource by us THWACKsters.  I like the fact that I can see any and all systems in a live environment, play with things a little, and know that I'm not going to break it.  This, IMO, is one of the greatest pre-sales tools ever envisioned by a company.  I can only imagine what an easy time the SolarWinds sales engineers have at client meetings: "Oh, you want to see how Orion works?  Here: let me bring it up on my computer!".  Totally c00l!

Level 10

Orion Demo is a cool place to take your customers to see how the solutions works. I just wish we could have the right to make adjustment or to be able to configure something quickly while demoing how it works for our customers.

Sure, added my comments. Still needs props given to KMSigma​ for how well it works


I use it to inspire customers when discussing what they want to see on a dashboard. In that same discussion, I usually pull up the thread for sharing dashboards, as these views of enterprise networks have inspired some of the content on dashboards I have made.

I would point out there is another demo that I wasn't aware of until recently (unfortunately demo still requires Flash vs HTML5):

Product Manager
Product Manager

There is an "Interactive Demo" link on each of the product pages on which will lead you to the demo for most products, including Database Performance Analyzer, Mobile Admin, Log & Event Manager, Serv-U File Transfer & Sharing, Storage Resource Monitor (Profiler), Web Help Desk, and Enterprise Operations Console.

Level 9 is a good example how solarwinds works. I see a lot of things, that are very usefull. But it's always the money that an organisation wil spent.

We have many Cisco catalyst 3850 stacks, and the information how many ports are used, the user tracking and even the toolset are cool.

I hate when these old ones show up again in my feed and I get excited for a Thwack points opportunity only to realize that it expired months ago.  😞

Level 7

Sometimes yes, depends on the product we are selling, though majority of the time use my production & lab environments as demos.