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SDN Training: GNS3 Academy (New Courses)

Level 11

We are super excited to provide a SNEAK PEEK to Thwack Members for two upcoming SDN courses on GNS3 Academy. Building off the success of our A practical SDN and OpenFlow introduction​​ course (which has over 1,000 students enrolled) these two courses are major building blocks for those interesting in two of the upcoming and leading SDN providers in the market.

Mark sure to check out GNS3 Academy​​ in the coming days as we get ready to release these courses [plus we will offering 50% OFF to Thwack Members for the first two weeks] 


is course explains and demonstrates white box switching technology using Pica8's operating system and physical white box switches.

Modules included:

  • Overview of Pica8 architecture
  • Configure BGP on Pica8 switches
  • Configure OpenFlow without a controller (add flows manually to Open vSwitch)
  • Integrate Pica8 switches with multiple controllers:
    • OpenDaylight
    • Floodlight
    • HP VAN

Learn how to configure Pica8 PicOS in both Layer2/Layer3 mode and OpenFlow mode:

PicOS is the Pica8 network operating system software used on white box switches.

PicOS eliminates vendor lock-in by delivering open, hardware-agnostic networking. Built on Linux, PicOS incorporates a full Layer-2 and Layer-3 feature set with support for OpenFlow, OVSDB, and other key SDN protocols. PicOS enables customers to deliver differentiated network applications and services on white box switches.

The course includes hands on demonstrations on real equipment. And you can practice using GNS3 and Cumulus VX locally on your laptop!

Cumulus Linux combines the power of Open Networking with a network operating system that runs on top of industry standard networking hardware from vendors such as Dell, HP, Quanta and others.

Founded by veteran networking engineers from Cisco and VMware, Cumulus Networks makes the first Linux operating system for networking hardware and fills a critical gap in realizing the true promise of the software-defined data center. Just as Linux completely transformed the economics and innovation on the server side of the data center, Cumulus Linux is doing the same for the network. It is radically reducing the costs and complexities of operating modern data center networks for service providers and businesses of all sizes.

By providing a software-only solution, Cumulus Linux is enabling disaggregation of data center switches akin to the x86 server hardware/software disaggregation. Data-center networking is rapidly standardizing on merchant silicon and with Cumulus Linux, networking is adopting the principals of Linux and disaggregation of the compute world.

FREE: SDN and OpenFlow Introduction >> Start NOW

This is an introductory course explaining different visions of what SDN actually is. The course also shows you real world implementations of SDN in very large networks as well as high security networks.

You will also learn about how OpenFlow separates the control and data planes of networking devices.

You will then see a practical demonstration of an application communicating with an SDN controller and Open vSwitch devices.

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Looks if I can only find some time.

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