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Product Upgrade Resources

Level 14

We've spent a lot of time understanding challenges with the upgrade process. While we are working to improve the upgrade process in our products, we are also providing better guidance with our Upgrade Guides. Here are some links you should be aware of as you are planning your product upgrades.

As always, we love to receive feedback on our resources.


It was mentioned at the SWUG, but I'll pass it on here, the upgrade advisor should be improved when it comes to SQL versions, and advise you correctly when to change versions.

Level 10

Heloo, I might be late but I am starting my 11.5.2 upgrade these days ,but, did Solarwinds change the upgrade advisor recently ??

In late August, for a system of NPM+VNQM+NCM I ran the Upgrade Advisor resulting  8 steps procedure .

Today I ran the Upgrade Advisor for the same system but it results only 4 steps !!  any idea whats going on !

Yes, the Upgrade Advisor is being improved steadily.  The result is fewer and fewer steps for us to learn (and to stumble over).

The goal is a final UA that makes upgrading a one-click process.  It'll know (or discover) all of your products, their versions, and the physical (or VM) environment in which they're installed.  It'll take care of installing & upgrading everything you want, and will pre-discover issues that would arise from incompatibilities (including insufficient RAM or CPU allocation, and Windows version (e.g.: your poller runs on Windows 2008, and since 2008 is no longer supported at NPM 12.2, you must upgrade to 2012 or better to make the upgrade happen)).

I LOVE this trend.

It'll be nearly perfect when the UA knows all the platforms and can use cached/protected information about user names and credentials and database access, etc., and then leverages all of that to make a true one-step upgrade.

Perfection will come when it can also deal with the incompatibilities on its own.  But imagine an application being able to do upgrades from 2008 to 2012 or 2016, and reallocate CPU and memory and disc space--that's too much power.  It'll never go that far, at least while I'm still in I.T.

But wouldn't that be fun, if it wouldn't be disruptive?!

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