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Orion núcleo de formação vídeos com legendas em português

Level 14

These videos apply to Orion Platform v2015, including NPM 11.5 and SAM 6.2.3.When playing the video, click the CC button on the bottom right of the video screen, and select your language of choice.


Video NameLink
Installing Network Performance Monitor
Navigating the Web Console 
Managing Discovery Jobs and Performance
Adding Nodes Manually
Creating a new view
Adding and Customizing Resources
Adding Maps to a View
Adding View Limitations
Adding a New User Account
Account Permissions and Limitations
Managing Existing Alerts
Adding a New Alert
Understanding Trigger Logic Condition
Configuring Advanced Alert Options
Understanding Reset Logic Condition
Alert Schedules
Introduction to Object Discovery
Running a Network Discovery
Scheduled Discovery Results
Creating and Modifying Menu Bars
Creating a NOC View

I don't know any other company that offers this.  And for no extra charge?  Exemplary!

Level 15

Very good

Muito bom

Level 7

Show!!!! vou ver todos os videos,

Level 9

Very good to me I'm starting mainly in Portuguese ...

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Like SolarWinds, I have roots in Oklahoma and have been fond of land grant schools as I went from Oklahoma State University, moving South to Texas A&M University.  Like my college career (accounting, political science, Russian language and then MBA), I have suffered ADD in my professional career moving from finance to strategy to product management and marketing.  I have, however, settled on the broad niche of systems management and have acquired knowledge in this space over the last 11 years. I was very happy to join the SolarWinds team in January 2012 and have been very impressed with the technology.  I look forward to engaging with this community.