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Nutanix is Now Validated for SolarWinds

Community Manager

Nutanix’ infrastructure solution for virtual datacenters is now validated for SolarWinds Orion family allowing SolarWinds users to monitor Nutanix objects and components.

The Pollers are uploaded here

For more info, visit:

Level 11

Wow.. thats a good news.. SolarWinds rocks...

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Level 16

Very happy to hear this.  You guys rock!

Level 14

That's great!!!

Level 8

I find nothing on their web site but how to enable SNMP on the Nutanix.  Is the UnDP supposed to be posted somewhere?

Community Manager
Community Manager

bud‌ we've sent a note over to Nutanix and hope to have an answer for you soon.

Level 7

Any plan to add Nutanix as supported device in Virtualization Manager?

Level 13

Dave, you can check out WHAT WE'RE WORKING ON FOR VIRTUALIZATION MANAGER (UPDATED July 30, 2015) for information about whats on our roadmap. You can also vote on this as a feature request here .

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Starting in SAM 2019.4 and VMAN 2019.4, you can monitor the Hardware Health of Nutanix clusters with the power of the Orion Platform, from alerting and reporting and mapping to AppStack™. With the latest release, you can:

  • Check the status of Microsoft® Hyper-V and VMware® nodes in monitored Nutanix clusters.
  • Display Nutanix Hardware Health data in the AppStack Environment.
  • Use alerts and reports for Nutanix objects.

For additional information, see: