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New programs to help you get the most out of your SolarWinds products

Level 9

THWACK members,

As active members in this community you are keenly aware of our commitment to your experience with SolarWinds. Every day we solicit your feedback on how we can improve our products, documentation, training and programs to make it easy to try, buy and use our products, and more importantly, to succeed in your role as an IT pro. Over the last couple of years you have cheered us on as we’ve developed and added to our SolarWinds Academy, launched the Success Center and improved our documentation with the creation of Getting Started and Upgrade Guides. As a result of your direct feedback we’ve: 

  • Doubled the number of instructor-led SolarWinds Academy courses and awarded THWACK points for taking these classes
  • Improved our documentation and many knowledge base articles found in the Success Center
  • Hired and invested in additional training for our support team

In addition to these improvements we are now launching two exciting new programs. One is a major overhaul of our SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP) program. We’ve received a lot of great feedback from customers who participated in the NPM and SCP beta exams. These product-specific exams, and other SCP exams to follow, will test your knowledge of SolarWinds products and equip you with the ability to differentiate yourself from your peers. Read more about the SCP program in Cal Smith’s (Director of Technical Education) post here.

We’ve also recently launched an assisted onboarding program, Smart Start. This program provides best practices, tailored to your environment, by working 1:1 with one of our implementation experts. While this program was developed for customers purchasing new product licenses, we’ve seen a lot of interest from customers who have new administrators in their shop and want them to get up to speed very quickly.

Whether you’re new to SolarWinds, a SolarWinds expert, or somewhere in between, our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to get the help you need. As always, we welcome your feedback on how we can improve our Customer Success programs moving forward.

Kevin Bury

SVP Customer Experience, SolarWinds

Level 14

Thanks for making a great resource even better.

Level 15

We can to pay SPC with thwach points. After to reader this story and see all thwackers contribute indirectly / directly ($$$$$$$) to the growth of the company. 


Love your work!

Level 13

Level 14

We run SAM and WPM through Aurora365.  They host the products and I just configure which systems to monitor and set up the alerts, web site monitoring recordings and reports.  As such, I don't have access to the customer portal and Aurora365 won't get me access (I guess it is because they offer training at a cost).  We don't have the budget for training so I am left to fend for myself.  I would really like to attend some of the sessions but, as I don't have a customer portal login, I am unable to register.  I would really prefer to run a number of Solarwinds products in house but, without being able to access up to date training and product labs, I cannot create and support a business case.  Is there any way you can allow users, who are customers through a third party, access to these sessions ?


Nice new resources. I think the smart start is a great idea and will enhance adoption of SolarWinds products. Having used several of the SolarWinds products for several years ease of use is one of the big selling points. I know that I'm building something that can be maintained by others in the event that I get "hit by a bus." Still, it can be intimidating to the newbie and a smart start will go along way to helping those new to the product to feel productive quickly.

More is better.  Thank you for adding more.

Level 14

Hi, we have had other customers voice this as an issue. We are looking into more granular customer portal permissions to be able to accommodate this scenario. No promises on delivery or timing but I'll be sure our product manager sees this. In the meantime I recommend our eLearning option that does not require customer portal access. We have quite a lot of training videos for SAM and a few for WPM.

Level 16

This is why we love Solarwinds!!