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New Technical Training Videos and Onboarding Guides

Level 14

Based on your request for more configuration help and training to take advantage of the depth and breadth of our products, we are pleased announce our new Speed2Value program. Whether you have been using Network Performance Monitor (NPM) or Server & Application Monitor (SAM) tools for years or are just getting started, the new Speed2Value program will help maximize the impact they deliver. New program resources include:

Stay tuned as we have big plans to expand our new Speed2Value program in 2016 to include:

  • Onboarding Guides and training videos for additional SolarWinds products.
  • A new, monthly training program, SolarWinds Academy – Expert Series, which will provide advanced product training delivered by our Head Geeks & Support Geeks (requires active maintenance).
  • Expansion of our Instructor-Led, Interactive Product Training program to other products (requires active maintenance)

  Your feedback matters and we’d love to get your thoughts on the effectiveness of these new resources.


This sounds very promising!


An FoE 101 video covering everything from initial preparation, requirements, deployment, known issues and tests would be great.

Level 12

I second that Deltona‌ I have that to do in the New Year..

Level 14

I'll bet there is something in the works after the FoE v2 moves out of beta

Level 9

How do you get a login for the customer portal?

Level 11

I will be setting some time aside for this! Thanks jkuvlesk!

Level 14

Frequently Asked Questions about Individual User Profiles

If you are not the product administrator, you will need to ask them to get you a user account.

Level 9

Thank you. Now figuring out who our product administrator is....It'll be like a trip to the dentist, but less fun.

Level 14

You can always contact Customer Service to find out. Submit a Ticket | SolarWinds Customer Portal

Level 9

I love all the free training you guys provide! Wish more companies would do that. One of the big reasons we stay with you guys! Hate it when a company says "user our very expensive product and oh by they way, you also have to shell out big bucks to learn how to use it!"


I have passed these 2 links along to our newb's as a point of reference.  Hopefully they will provide some feedback.

Thanks for all the work !!

Excellent! This allows us to give training to others and pass on the basic tasks to junior staff. The value of "101's"

Just another example of SW continuing commitment to being a great company to work with.

Level 14

There's still space left in NPM product training courses this week - January 12th - 14th. Sign up here:

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I've been with SolarWinds for over eight years in product marketing, customer success and field enablement roles. Currently, I'm focused on improving business outcomes for our enterprise accounts with SolarWinds IT operations management portfolio. Prior to joining SolarWinds, I worked at IBM as a product manager, and served in other departments including strategy and finance. I have an MBA from Texas A&M University and a BA in Political Science/Russian Language from Oklahoma State University.