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New Series Launch: THWACK Tuesday Tips (Triple-T)

Community Manager
KEVIN is driving a open-top convertible with his sunglasses on, the sun on his face.  The car is moving down an empty highway and KEVIN is speaking directly to the camera.

Hey – I’m Kevin M. Sparenberg and we’re browsing about looking for the THWACK community’s best tricks and tips on this inaugural episode of THWACK Tuesday Tips!
  KEVIN drives the car out of frame.

But in all seriousness, everyone’s time is precious.  It’s the one commodity that will never be replenished.  Our goal with this series is to offer very short tutorials on the SolarWinds products.

You might ask yourself why we are doing something like this.  After all, SolarWinds has the SolarWinds Lab each month, the SolarWinds Academy with weekly classes, the SolarWinds Success Center with knowledge base articles, and THWACKcamp each year. Do we really need to have something else? To that, I say “yes.”

The thought process looked something like this: The quicker you can watch the video, quicker you get the information you need, the quicker you get the job done, the quicker you get to go home.

So, join me as with kick off with the first episode of Triple-T.  It’ll be so money.


Good deal!  This should be good for quite a variety of newb to seasoned Thwack members.

Level 9

Awesome! Nice addition. Really looking forward to this...

Level 14

Solid idea!  Love it!

Level 13

Sweet!  Sounds like a good idea to me.

Level 15

I like this.   I do videos for my local company like that, really helps with training, and for a quick reminder.  Thanks KMSigma

Kevin is with Thwack, and he'd never take his eyes off the road to speak directly to a camera while wearing sunglasses in his convertible.  He's too good a driver to risk being distracted and missing that (deer, motorcycle, dog, child, lava flow) crossing the road without notice.


Level 13

Great idea KMSigma !  Looking forward to this series.

Level 14

Terrific new series KMSigma​ !! Awesome concept.

The NetPath Service setup was concise and perfect in its brevity.

To improve it, mention firewall ports that must be open between the src and dst, or perhaps to provide a direct link to that info.

NetPath can reveal previously-hidden and hard-to-document network path changes or congestion between intermediary providers (something I've loved NetPath for providing) is a particularly sweet feature--one that might just be worth another thirty seconds of video.

Learning how to set up a NetPath Service is good; learning how to use it to provide documentation of problems to secondary Internet Service or WAN providers is even better.

Community Manager
Community Manager

We already have those videos.  SolarWinds Lab #45 was pretty much all about those NetPath things.  Don't get me wrong, I ❤️ talking about NetPath, but these are just quick how-to videos to get people started.

After wrestling with Patch Mgr for the better part of a year, and ultimately losing, my tip: Get out of IT.  😞

Level 9

This sounds like it'll be very down and dirty and to the point. I like it.

Unless he's Dennis Quaid in an eSurance commercial:

Safe Driver | Esurance DriveSense - YouTube

I like it, Kevin!  Thought...would it be too much for those of us THWACKSters with a penchant for being in front of the camera (or pen) to submit T&Ts for "Triple 'T'"?  Man, "Triple 'G'", "Triple 'D'", "Triple 'T'"...what's a bloke to do!!

Anyway, very nice job..."Be brief, be brilliant, and be gone!"


I like it! Short and sweet, straight to the point!

Level 12

Wow, are you guys mind readers? I have been thinking about this for some time.

Hey Kevin, nice convertible...I have the same one.

Level 13

Nice idea

Level 9

Thank you Kevin!  The short format is really appreciated.

Level 12

Beware of pigeons!

Level 12

This is something I've been looking for. I'm so glad you are doing this!


Another opportunity to grow and learn. Thanks for providing this.

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