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New Live Course - NTA

Level 14

We now have a live course for Network Traffic Analyzer. Details and course times here:

As a reminder, we have live training courses for the Orion Platform, NTA, NPM, SAM and LEM.

Level 16

Cool!  Have to give it a go!!

Level 21

I'm looking forward to this.

Level 13

I am there.

Level 21

The 201 class was too basic.  Looking forward to more advanced topics and examples for getting more out of NTA.

Level 16

I enjoyed it, although I admit I didn't learn a lot being a netflow user for quite some time.   It's always interesting to see things from another perspective though.   Definitely good for beginners though.

Thought the class ran very long though, maybe cut out the intro's and save half an hour?

Level 14

Thanks for the feedback @rschroeder. Could you be more specific on what you are looking for?

Level 21

I shared my comments in the post-presentation review, which shows up on my screen twice at the end (what was that about?  Did I not get credit for attending the class?).  The highlights of my notes in the review include:

  • The first thirty minutes were spent introducing everyone who was attending.  I didn't feel this was a good use of my time.
  • Signficant time was spent discussing was NTA can NOT do, what it is incompatible with.  Much less time could have been devoted to that topic.
  • Discussing the history of NetFlow and similar solutions was not helpful for me to improve my use of NTA.  It's wonderful the presenter had that knowledge; let's save it for where it can answer a question other than "Yes, I know a great deal about the history of Netflow--here, let me give you some examples of my knowledge base . . ."
  • Installation information was in the syllabus; that is not a 201-level topic, but a 101.  It's totally OK to omit it and ask people to Reference The Friendly Manual, or to ask a question of the Thwack Forum members who've developed proficiency.
  • Introduction to the product is something I'd expect for NTA 101, not 201.  Time spent on introducing the product didn't seem to be spent wisely. 

Frankly, the one item I enjoyed learning was that 7.5 can provide some new information I was looking to uncover with 7.4. 

I expected, from an NTA 201 level presentation:

  • Brief introduction of the instructor, no introduction of attendees
  • Focus on NTA's abilities, not inabilities
  • No information for how to install NTA, but perhaps it would have been acceptable to spend a small amount of time discussing upgrading to 7.5 from earlier versions.
  • Technical information for how to use NTA was what I'd hoped 90% of the presentation would have been.  I felt it should have been focused primarily on:
    • Accomplishing mid-level to advanced tasks
    • Demonstrating how NTA can facilitate troubleshooting specific issues
    • Obtaining examples from the presenter and attendees of ways they use NTA
    • Question/answer session for how to accomplish some of the exampled solutions mentioned by attendees
    • Advanced topics like using Netflow output to create new reports or to trigger alerts or actions.  Since there is no NTA 301 or 401 or 501, this would have been a good forum to bring up some fun things to pique our interest for advanced utilization of the product.

Lest you think my experience was all negative, the presentation was good, the audio only lost a few times (sadly, the speaker wasn't always aware of it--but he admitted there were problems, and he always was back to pick up the pieces from where we lost him), and I wouldn't have hesitation suggestion someone attend who had no idea of what NTA is or how it can use NetFlow information.

But the point might have been better made spending time on how NetFlow Information, displayed by NTA, can help us fix problems, improve customer satisfaction, reduce Help Desk calls & tickets, and make predictions for what demands can be extrapolated for our network tomorrow and next month and next year.

Level 14

Good courses for beginners

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