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New Community Manager Introduction!

Hello THWACK Community! My name is Brett and I am a new Community Manager here at Solarwinds in Lehi, Utah! I am SO excited to meet everyone in this great community!

Just a bit about myself… I am originally from Northridge, CA. I attended junior college in Santa Monica, CA and then graduated from Arizona State University at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications in August 2015.

I have found my passion in building online communities and serving people within these communities.

Outside of THWACK, I enjoy traveling, meeting new people, being around water, spending time with my girlfriend (VERY soon to be fiancé!), college football, and trying new restaurants!

In regards to THWACK, I'm here to serve you and continue to bring an excellent user experience! But first, I want to hear from YOU!

What are your favorite aspects of THWACK? How can I help you?

I look forward to interacting with everyone here in this wonderful community! And don't hesitate to reach out with any questions/comments/funny memes!



Welcome, Brett!

I don't have many gripes with THWACK as it exists may receive some contrasting replies from others, however. 🙂

If you watch daily ops for a month or so, I'm sure areas for deeper inspection/improvement will show themselves.

Overall, if you continue to provide incentives for participation in events (and maybe some incentives for THWACKsters to help their fellow community members), I think you'll receive a favorable response.

Oh, you poor soul.

Welcome to the world of wonderful experts who freely contribute their time and ideas!

Welcome to the world of real humans, who may whine on occasion.

Welcome to the world of communications challenges.  If you're OCD about grammar, welcome to the place where folks accidentally or freely interchanging its / it's, there / they're / their, thru / through / threw, etc.

Welcome to a world where, unlike Drew Carey's old show, the points really seem to matter.


Welcome to the place where memes flow freely . . .



Welcome brett.holzhauer​ !

Level 10

Welcome to the show

Welcome aboard! Here's hoping that you survive the rookie hazing. 😉

Level 12

Welcome, Enjoy and have Fun.

Level 14

Welcome.. we are harmless................... really!

(Mostly . . .)

Welcome aboard

Level 20

I live in Scottsdale AZ... and work not far from where you went to school at ASU.  I'm sure you probably know already that DanielleH​ also went to ASU.  I went to school in Ohio... go Buckeyes!  Down with Michigan!!!

Welcome to the show youngster...   and may the force be with you. 

I don't have any complaints with Thwack right now.   It could use a darker theme option but over all functions well.   There are lots of feature requests you should check out.  Don't worry we'll keep you busy.   It's job security for oh 50 to 60 years....

Level 12

Howdy Brett - welcome aboard...

Favorite Aspects?  Fellow Thwackers, Live Training Sessions, Online Resources and especially the humor of some of the commenters that help me get through my day.

Agree with jeremymayfield​  Time for a Dark Theme  (Winter is coming)

I look forward to where you are going to take us in the future.


Welcome brett.holzhauer !

The only advice I have is from the founder of my company.  He said, If we take good care of our customers, the numbers will take care of themselves.

Hint.....A dark theme would be nice.....


Level 12


Looks like we got some college football to discuss! Love the Scottsdale area as well.

And yes, DanielleH and I are proud Sun Devils!

Level 12

That quote is all too true! And my job is to take care of everyone here

I will take that hint and pass it along!



Level 16

Welcome aboard! I am also from the great state of Arizona!

Level 12



Welcome Brett!

You will be in charge of an already well oiled machine. Thwack is full of helpful geeks and wannabe geeks, a wonderful place that allows freedom of expression - be it posting ideas, asking for suggestions and advice on tech and life.

Almost another life for many.

Have a great journey ahead.

Level 9

Welcome aboard!

Level 10

Welcome to the Thwack Team / Community brett.holzhauer​!

Welcome Brett to Thwack!

Welcome Brett - wabbott​ when will the points be awarded for this challenge?

CC: brett.holzhauer

BCC: DanielleH


Level 12

Welcome brett.holzhauer

pastedImage_1.jpg  Image result for welcome to our house  Image result for welcome to our houseImage result for welcome to our house  Image result for welcome mat  Image result for welcome mat

Level 15

Hey Thomas! Which challenge are you referring to?

Why breaking in the new community manager of course! He has to get used to people whining about their points. OH if only they would read!!!! #TLDR.

Welcome brett.holzhauer​ hopefully we'll break you in gently. Although I expect you'll be fine as wabbott​ is much quicker to type

Level 15

Lol! You scared me for a second!

Yes, much whining about points.

Good thing I like you guys.


Welcome Brett

As has been noted memes abound as well as whining and sarcasm.

However, there's a great bunch of people here and the collaboration and sharing makes it well worth daily time spent.

******************Most Welcome you,, Brett*******************************

Hope you will enjoy the world best community,



Don't forget about meme's and mentions of bacon...

Bacon Awareness.JPG

Level 14

Hello there!  Welcome aboard.  I'm sure you will love it.

Level 9

As someone from Michigan, where is the dislike button?

Level 12

Welcome brett.holzhauer  I believe we'd have fun having you onboard.

Level 12

Yum yum bacon.

Level 12

Very nice pony10

Welcome sir, on behalf of the #bumpsquad

Level 12

wabbott has informed me about the bumpsquad and it is great to see a small community within a large one!

I look forward to meeting everyone at THWACKcamp!

Level 13

Welcome brett.holzhauer​!

Level 8

Thank you Brett for your help earlier today!

Level 12


Absolutely! If you need any assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Level 16

welcome aboard!!

Level 12

Welcome to the THWACK Community Brett,

Will a new Manager mean change?

What could we improve with the THWACK Community??

If there are to be any changes or updates to the THWACK Community, we all trust that they are all for the better

We can always start a new THWACK Community Poll...

THWACK Community Poll Graphic.png

Level 12


Thank you for the warm welcome. I may have a few answers for you!

- A new manager doesn't necessarily mean change, although I am working on a few projects right now to implement some new things to THWACK, stay tuned!

- The beautiful part of THWACK is that improvements are always occurring.

- If you ever have an idea for THWACK, I am your biggest advocate! We are here to serve you as the THWACK community.

Thanks for your comment Dan!


Welcome brett.holzhauer

Favorite part of thwack--cool items in store and cool prizes.  Could they be cooler, you're thinking?  Of course--Amazon, Demotivator items, Think Geek.

Level 12


Thanks for the warm welcome! I am always on the lookout for awesome prizes to give away. If you see anything that peaks your interest as a prize, let me know! I am always open to suggestions.


I don't think my suggestions promote SolarWinds, but I've seen conspicuous consumption Yeti coolers and cutting edge drinking technology cups given away, so perhaps there's hope.

Level 12


I just LOL'd in my office...Any and all suggestions are welcome!


Level 12


Thank you for your feedback.

And in response to the 3rd Point and a comment that I read on a Poll means that I will be submitting Feature Requests as opposed to the Polls with up to 10 Responses.

I will look forward to the Future Improvemts.

Kind Regards,


About the Author
Grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Ca. Graduated from Arizona State University from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication in August 2015. Love college football, the outdoors, anything involving water, and traveling!