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NTA v4.1 Generally Available

Level 14

It's my pleasure to announce the release of NTA v4.1.  This release makes a number of key improvements, including:

  • Improved automatic sampling, particularly for Juniper gear.
  • Manual sampling for devices that don't properly report their sampling rate.
  • UDT integration so you can find out the user name and connected switch port for a top talker in seconds.
  • Improved historical application update speed (up to 7x) in certain circumstances.
  • FSDB size forecast and other details available in the NTA Settings page.
  • 8-bit ToS support; properly mapping packets with explicit congestion bits set to the expected QOS category.
  • Support for drag and drop resources.
  • Bug fixes, of course.

For more details and screenshots check out the RC post or grab the new version immediately.  It's available now in your customer portal!

About the Author
Lifelong technology enthusiast. Network Engineer turned Product Manager for network products. By geeks, for geeks! I started my career as a call center agent at a wireless ISP. I moved into the Network Operations Center to operationally support their network. I moved to another company to be a Network Engineer, and fulfilled that role at several different companies in different verticals including Healthcare, Software, and Finance. Eventually, I found my calling as a PM, where I work with all of the functions of a business, and particularly Development, to determine what to build next to deliver the most value to our customers.