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Level 15


It’s the cray-craziest season of all

With plenty of PEBCAK averting,

IP Conflict alerting,

and your boss telling you to get IT resolved…

There’ll be parties for hosting,

And turkeys for roasting,

And praying to not be on call!

There’ll be scary spreadsheet stories,

And tales of the glories of IP conflicts resolved long, long ago!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

(Now that SolarWinds IP Control Bundle is near)

This Thanksgiving, resolve the conflicts you can.

SolarWinds IP Control Bundle resolves IP conflicts & provides you with comprehensive IP address management.


Use the mission’s resources to complete the tasks and answer the questions.

Correctly answer each question during the week and you'll be entered to win the weekly prize.

Correctly answer all 10 questions over the course of the month and you'll be entered to win the Grand Prize:  Sony Playstation VR Headset


A new question will open every day (Monday - Friday) starting on November 14th.

Once a question has opened, it will remain open until November 27th @ 11:59pm CDT.

Check the schedule below for exact open/close times.

Correctly answer all five questions within a given week and you’ll be entered to win the weekly prize:

150 points are being awarded for each correctly answered question.

There are 10 questions, which means you can earn a maximum of 1,500 points for this mini mission.

Try IP Control Bundle FREE to help you succeed in the mission!


Weekly PrizesMon
Week 1: $100 Think Geek Gift Card

Complete questions 1-5 by November 20th to be entered to win

Week 2: Google Home

Complete questions 6-10 by November 27th to be entered to win

Correctly answer all 10 questions before November 27th and get entered to win the Grand Prize!
Sony Playstation VR Headset

Hmmm, got it wrong. Same answer was partially included in two options. So just selected one.

Level 8


I agree and got it wrong as well.

I have always been taught to select the more complete answer.  If an answer has a and b (that are both correct) and a different answer has only a, choose only the answer that contains a and b since it is more complete.

Most of the time this type of choice is presented with a radio button (one correct answer) not select boxes (choose all that apply).

I am sure that the Thwack team will look at it this morning and make adjustments because they just rock.

For those working this mission, I would hold off answering Question 1 until you see a post from the Thwack team.

Have a great week!

Level 11

Same here

Level 11

wow spent nearly 10 minutes reading again and again to understand the question and got it correct 🙂 bingo and phew

mark.healeyronroeblue4it​ thanks for giving me the Sony playstation VR headset

wabbott​ thanks for these contest and wonderful prizes...

All hoping / wishing /dreaming / Praying that i get both the PSP as well as VR 🙂 both go hand in hand but fingers crossed lets see whose hand its going to..

Level 10

Also had to watch the video three times before I got the correct answer. Don't overthink it!

Level 11

Hey everyone, just wanted to update you all and let you know there was an error with the question but it has been updated and reset for anyone who got it wrong. Sorry for the inconvenience!


interesting, they just opened a thinkgeek store less than a mile down the access road.....

Thanks Lindsey.

I'd enjoy seeing the rest of the lyrics to that holiday song, too.

It’s the cray-craziest season of all

With the users complaining

And confidence waning in DHCP all . . .


It's the sill-silliest reason of all

That your users are getting

conflicts from forgetting your addressing sprawl

It’s the cray-craziest season of all!


There'll be P.I.R.'s hosted

To see your soul toasted

O'er fires of your peers' scrutiny.

There'll be resume updates

'Till the last outage abates

And you're proven to be guilt-free


It’s the cray-craziest season of all

But your tools can release you from

Those who would fleece you and cause your downfall


It’s the cray-craziest season of all!

There was an error but i still got it wrong mine never updated.   Is there a refresh? 

Level 11


Level 15

Hi Jeremy, Can you try again? Let me know if you're still getting an error. Thanks!

Level 13


Level 12

Props to the SolarWinds crew, this challenge is actually pretty fun.

Level 10

Get it right yesterday (yay!), it resets and I get it wrong today (boo!) How could I forget my answer? LOL

Level 12

This is amazing!    

Level 11

shawndiaz​ sorry to hear and thanks for giving away this VR Headset to me 🙂

Level 9

I think it's fun too. I think, like me, most of you know what you want from IPAM and it seems that the questions and answers indicate that IPCB meets the requirements.

Level 20

I didn't know they had actual brick and mortar stores??

Level 8

I didn't get my points for the Bonus Mission question today. Did anyone else have this issue?

Level 15

Hi Matt, can you check again & let me know if you're seeing the points now?

Level 8

They are there now! Thank you, Wendy! I need all the points I can get to get more SW swag!

These questions are becoming increasingly valuable--and some are harder to get right the first time.  I find I'm taking particular care to ensure I get them right . . .

Level 11

likewise 🙂

Level 11

50% completed 🙂 5 more question and more days to confirm that the VR is mine 🙂

Level 8

Made a booboo on question 3 this week, oops 😕

Level 11

tylersl​ thanks for giving away this VR Headset for me..

do proceed with the next questions and you can earn points above which learn a lot 🙂

good luck

Level 11

Once again hundreds of you qualified but our lucky week 1 winner who will be taking home a $100 Think Geek Gift​! Congrats!

Level 12

Missed 1st question of week 2 right away... caffeine levels were too low. Good luck to everyone else still in.


was out half of last week so I missed out on the deadline.  Time to catch up....

Level 8

looks like a good product to add to NCM.

Level 20

That's what we used to say about the Network Topology Mapper and NPM!  I gave up on that a couple years ago... hey at least we've got ASA support coming to NPM and we all love the NetPath.  I'm still waiting to use in production but I've played around with it.  The new ASA stuff I've seen coming soon is gonna be HUGE!!!

Level 11

In my zeal to catch up on this contest (just found it today), I think I answered things a bit too quickly. I show all seven answers correct on the page, but only six of them show up in my profile as having given points. When you have a chance, wabbott​, could you please take a quick look and help me get squared away? Thanks.

Level 15

Hi Andrew, I'm looking into this. I'll make sure you get your points (I saw that you got them all correct)

Level 11

I've got the same issue, and the user leaderboard on the homepage is now showing me in position 5426 with 335 points, when I have 54909 at the top of the page... Gremlins in the works?

Thanks, Connie.

You've probably been with SW long enough to have seen some of my other posts, but if you liked that little bit of lyric, there are a few others you might enjoy, too:

A Halloween Network Tale

Here's a silly poll I created that eventually morphed into some more lyrics, further down in the comments:

May your winter be spent with happy friends and family, filled with smiles and zero stress.  Here's hoping all is going as you wish, in the U.K.!

Level 11

All complete and correct

Level 11


Level 9

yeah all green.

The last question taught me a lot!

Level 11

Very nice mini-mission! I was out of the country last week so I did these all on the last day. 100% correct. I enjoyed this one too!
I also like having the hint links all on one page this time. I'd like to see that on the monthly missions (although that would make a long page; maybe one per week instead.)

Level 11


Level 11

Once again hundreds of you qualified, but our lucky week 2 winner who will be taking home a Google Home​ is...abouvier​! Congrats!

Level 11

congrats abouvier​ you wonnnnnnnnn

less than a year in Thwack and you won a cool gadget

rock with it..

Level 11

Sony Playstation VR Headset Owner is still to be announced..

Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Level 7

Big thanks to the Solarwinds team for this! much appreciated.

Level 11

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for...the grand prize winner of the Sony Playstation VR Headset ​ is...ScottRich!! Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all who participated!

Level 12

Sweet! Was bummed because I got one wrong on the main mission, was hoping for redemption on this mini-mission! Thanks!!!!!


Huh, I answered the last question last week at the same time I did the Monthly contest, but today its showing that it wasn't answered and that its locked?   Something screw up somewhere?

Level 12

Congratulations to the winners: abouvier ScottRich