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Mission Accomplished! October 2015 Mission Recap: Threat Hunter

Community Manager

Mission Accomplished! Thank you Threat Hunters for your diligent efforts in the fight against IT threats in the thwack Monthly Mission - October 2015.

Mission Recap Survey & Questions

Free Trials and Free Tools

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Additional Resources

Thanks Threat Hunters! Mission accomplished and a job well done!  Join us for the next mission, thwack Monthly Mission - November 2015‌!

Level 10

It looks like there is an additional "http//" in the link for the survey. I was able to access it once I removed it from the URL.

Level 15

The Survey link is dead, takes me no where.  

Level 10

See my comment above...

Level 15

I got it figured out, when you click the link it had a bad element in it.  I removed and pressed enter and got the survey.   Thanks for all you do DanielleH‌ Great stuff. 

Level 15

Looks like in the link you posted to me, the link was missing the : in the http:// there was no : in there.   1000 thwack points to me LOL. 

DanielleH Community Manager
Community Manager

Fixed... sorry about that!

Level 8

I answered quite a few questions in the October Mission and yet it looks like my points never changed. Could someone correct this or point out to me that I am doing wrong?

Level 16

goofykc The points for the October mission will be added to your profiles by the end of this week.

Level 7

I answered all the October mission questions, got the points, did the recap survey, but I have received no message about the T-Shirt.

Level 9

I too did everything asked of me to receive the T-shirt but I haven't heard anything. What's the deal?

Level 17

Another great mission! Thanks for all the time and effort that is put into these. And all the awesome prizes. Even though I'm not eligible, I don't know who else out there puts in this much effort.

Level 8

Hey! Got my shirt and I am wearing it proudly.   I trimmed the collar because the mens fit shirts are too close around my neck. (Hint Hint )WP_20151125_019.jpg

Level 21

Works for me!