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Mission Accomplished: June 2017 Network Groove

Level 15


You rock, THWACKsters!

You can kiss that downtime funk goodbye now that you’ve got your network groove back!

Take a bow and enjoy the roaring applause from all the users on your network.

Cheers to another mission accomplished!


Mission recap survey & questions:

Bandwidth Analyzer Pack

Comprehensive network bandwidth analysis and performance monitoring.

Stay tuned for the next mission, coming July 10th!

Level 10

Great mission! Keep up the great work, and until the next one...Happy 4th / Independence Day!

Thanks for the fun mission!  Alright everybody....back to work!


As usual, I enjoyed another educational Thwack Mission.  Thanks for building it, thanks for the points!

Is this the same survey as the last question in the mission?

Level 15

Yes, but just in case you missed the last day we still want to hear your feedback!

Level 11

Points have been awarded to all who completed the survey!

Level 10

I'm almost positive I completed the survey, but I don't have any new points awarded to my account yet.

Level 10

I agree with shawndiaz​, I know I took the survey and haven't seen new points.  I appreciate you looking into it lindsey.serrano

Level 11

Sending you a message now.

Level 11

Sending you a message now.