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Media Reference Opportunity - Earn 2,000 thwack Points!

Community Manager

We are looking for a customer that would be willing to speak to the media on the topic of changing IT skill sets as a result of networking complexity.  See below for details and add a comment to this post if you are interested!

According to a recent survey of 225 IT practitioners, managers and directors in the U.S. and Canada conducted by SolarWinds, the greatest gaps in skills needed to address increasingly complex networks are:

1.    Understanding of the Business

2.    Network Engineering

3.    Information Security

4.    Project Management

5.    Mobile Applications and Device Management

Some example questions that may be asked:  Is the customer experiencing any of these skill set gaps, and if so, how is he/she overcoming them? What advice does he/she have to any of their IT peers? Why does he/she believe these are important skill sets to have?

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Have you received any takers for this?

Community Manager
Community Manager

If you're interested, please email me at