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Let Us All Give Thanks…To Our IT Infrastructure!

Level 15

Family and friend togetherness, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and gorging on a usually socially unacceptable amount of food. Ah, yes, Thanksgiving Day is almost here.

But of all the Thanksgiving Day traditions, the best of all is its namesake: giving thanks.

So, in honor of the most gratitude-filled holiday of the year, we’re curious: If you could talk to your servers, network, database or any other critical part of your company’s IT infrastructure—because, ahem, we definitely don’t really talk to our VMs (or so our therapist tells us) —what would you give it thanks for?

For example, as you think about the wide array of food that’ll be on your plate in just a few weeks, maybe you’re grateful to your SAN (see what we did there?) for keeping up with those new performance requirements. Or maybe you’ll relish in your fiber’s never-faltering, blazingly fast connection speeds. Or maybe you’ll want to thank your rack of lamb, err, I mean, server rack for impressive uptime this year. (Someone is obviously already excited for a Thanksgiving Day feast.)

Use the comments section below to share what you’d like to thank your [fill-in-the-blank IT infrastructure component] for by November 11 and we’ll express our gratitude to you with a hearty portion of 250 THWACK points.

It’ll be good practice for when you really do need to thank your new SIEM, Ava, for bringing the stuffing next year.

  • Thank you, Corporate Administration, for trusting my team's advice about what hardware and services are required to provide a Hospital Grade Network to our patients and providers.
  • Thank you, Enventis and Cisco, for providing hardware and code that replaced faulty/failing Nortel Core, Distribution, and Access layers.
  • Thank you, Solarwinds, for providing interesting and fun and effective and efficient tools that monitor and manage and backup my hospital network infrastructure in a way that allows me to sleep soundly at night, without worries, and that provides me with a work environment I look forward to visiting each day.
  • Thank you, DARPA, for developing the Sidewinder firewall, and for releasing it for use by businesses and the military and schools.  I've used it successfully for twenty years, and I'm sorry to see its quality of support diminishing.
  • Thank you, large video monitors on my desk, for letting me see what I need to see when I need it, and for allowing me to work with multiple windows open and switch between them so effortlessly.
  • Thank you, Thwack members and administrators, for the challenges and the fun and the points!
Level 13

I'm thankful for the individual who told me he's looking into something called networking and a CNA, which then prompted me to research "networking" on the then early internet (1996) and a certification called CNE.

I'm thankful for all the companies who've hired me and let me explore my new found abilities...

I'm thankful for a great leader and mentor at a previous company who introduced me to SolarWinds, and who's favourite saying is "Trust, but verify", and who follows it to the I surely would have been fired if he didn't listen to both sides of the story and verify the details...


Thanks to the Network Infrastructure for always staying reliable, no matter how many people blame the network for everything.

Level 7

Thank you Cisco Infrastructure for keeping things complex and exciting!

Level 8

Thanks, NetApp, for being such reliable storage that I don't have to worry about

Thanks, SolarWinds, for providing me tools that can help me maintain my network with ease

I am thankful that the team around me strives to be better than they are. None are will to accept things as they are, and bit by bit we move in the right direction.

Level 9

Thank you first, to networking team who does get blamed first for almost everything and they take it like champs. Also a thank you to our monitoring software Solarwinds for keeping us up and running and always being vigilant 24/7.

Level 10

Thank you to my amazingly stable network and an MPLS service that behaves itself....for the most part. Also thank you to my teammates that put up with my wackiness on a daily basis. And thank you to my family for putting up with some long hours I occasionally have creating this stable network.

While it's true that the network is responsible for connecting firewalls, managing physical and virtual servers, streamlining data storage, and making sure that data packets get through quickly, the real role of a network is in delivering applications that run a business. Without applications, there would be no need for all those other components. Thank you applications.

Level 9

Thank You, Pure Storage, for being such reliable storage that I don't have to worry about iops anymore.

Thank You, Solar Winds, for providing tools that help me monitor my network and storage with a single pane of glass.

Thank You, to the awesome folks I get to work with on a daily basis, and who make it fun to come into the office.

Level 11

Thank You, WPM, for providing us the ability to monitor SaaS from a user's perspective

Thank You, Net Path, for providing us a beautiful view of slowness and breaks that we weren't able to see before.

Level 9

Thanks APC for keeping our equipment running despite a spotty grid (and for the 68000 alerts in my junk mail folder ).

Level 10

Thank you payroll, you are the reason I keep coming back.

Level 9

Thanks tor the reliability of the network packet transmission and the speed at which you do it no matter how loosely we follow your preferred cabling best practices.

Thanks to the DHCP servers for always doing your job so well not matter how many times your are tried to be blamed for things you did not do.

Thanks to our SW KIWI syslog servers for faithfully collecting all of our syslog data and putting to rest many arguments over who did or did not do this or that or who's the REAL culprit when unseemly things happen.

Level 12

I'm thankful to Al Gore, for inventing the Internet, Bill Gates for MS-DOS & Microsoft Windows, Steve x 2 (Jobs and Wozniak), Robert Metcalfe for Ethernet, Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf for TCP/IP, Tim Berners-Lee for web pages, many of the other unnamed bigs in tech - all for allowing this Internet thing to catch on and allow me to have a job I enjoy, being a small pot hole in the Information-Superhighway of tubes.

Level 10

Thank-You Track-It for making the HelpDesk experience so painful and paving the way for SolarWinds Web HelpDesk.

And Thank-You WebHelpDesk for picking up where Track-It left off with barely missing a beat!

Yes, I also wish to thank our fiber internet connection (even tho its is supplied by Comcast) that keeps us connected.

Level 10

I'm thankful for my 10GB Cisco switch that provides lightning-fast network connectivity.  I'm thankful for our Pure storage that allows us to store our SQL databases and gives users fast access.  I'm thankful for Orion that allows us to monitor our entire network.  I'm thankful for PDQ deploy because it's an amazing tool to push out software and such to our users with little to no user impact.

I'm grateful for solarwinds as a suite, letting me jump into "good UI/simple performance" for the first monitoring suite I ever worked with! I'm also grateful that our series of tubes does exist, even if people think it's a literal series of tubes

Level 11

Thank you - For my family, our health and continued success.

Thank you - SolarWinds for the continual improvemnts to your products.  Loved the introduction of NetPath this year.

Thank you - for all of the collaboration of my co-workers.

Level 7

I am thankful for the opportunities my current employer has offered for me to get certified and advance my career as a network admin.

Level 10

Thank you to Solarwinds for providing the tools to monitor the network.

And thank you to my users, for without them, I wouldn't have a job.

Level 9

Thank you to all the bugs, virii, and other things that cause stuff to break.  Without you I would have to find a real job.

Thank you infrastructure for giving me sleep at night, for staying awake so i don't have to.   Thank you Fiber for keeping everything connected, and thank you VMware for the way you all me to look at you from afar and admire how well you look.  


I would be thankful for many many more TB of NAS storage ie. a couple more shelves for my NetApps!  An enlarged license for my Commvault backup software.  And of course more/expanded licenses for various Orion modules!

Level 12

Thank you to my sister-in-law, who helped get my foot in the door at EDS to start my IT career. (I don't miss retail management in the least)

Thanks to my past mentor Jim who showed me a career path and the right footsteps to take on that path.

Thanks to the powers that be for Anchor Steam beer.

Oh, and to the solarwinds team, a damn good platform, thanks.

Level 9

- Thank you redundant hardware for allowing me those extra hours of sleep while you recover from events that would have previously gotten me up at 3AM

- Thank you Industrial IOT for making my job unique and varied and for providing the need to monitor equipment that nobody has ever heard of.

- Thank you EqualLogic storage array for living over 10 years and not ever eating a byte. I can put you out to pasture in 2017

Level 9

I'm thankful for my Cisco devices that DON'T have critical bugs that crash them or vulnerabilities every software release (ahem Nexus cough ASAs).

I'm thankful that I get to reinstall RSAT every couple days to get Active Directory on my workstation because "sure Insider Preview builds of Windows 10, what could go wrong?" and now I can't even stop getting them because I'm not currently on a production build and haven't been for 2 months. </sarcasm>

I'm thankful for all of those OSI layer 8 problems that keep my department busy and give me job security.

But most of all, I'm thankful to all of those poor, forgotten devices squeezed under a desk and being used as a footrest, standing on edge between a water heater and a radiator, stuffed into a drawer with no ventilation, all those random pieces of hardware that just chug along for way, way longer than they should after being mistreated so.  I salute you.

Level 8

I'm thankful for my Team, finally got a good one going. I'm also thankful for the new storage device we got from MS... wasnt as big as we thought, but it takes a load off.

Level 12

I am thankful for things breaking or I wouldn't have a job. I am thankful for the opportunity to expand my skills.

Level 14

Thank you Solarwinds for making the upgrade process much easier in NPM 12, which decreased downtime and made everyone happier.

Level 8

Thank you NPM for helping me narrow down timing issues between our multiple firewall vendor components. Huge relief.

Level 14

Thank you mom for telling me stories of the original computers at the insurance company.

Thank you Dr. Rxxxxx for telling me NO when I wanted to take a programming course in 1975 when I was an English major.. Then relenting after I passionately argued my point for 45 minutes.

Thank you to my sister for getting me in the door as a paper buster at an IT service center.

Thank you Frank for pushing me into systems

Thank you to all my employers who had faith in me.

Thanks to vendors like Solarwinds who make it all so much easier.

Last of all... thanks to my wife... What a long strange trip it's been!!!

Level 9

I am thankful for our users maintaining job security, between projects.

Thank you to WHD for tracking our work and keeping in contact with our users.

Thank you to Dameware for saving shoe leather and gas for simple fixes.

Level 13

I am thankful for getting to work with (and learn from) so many great people over the years.  Although I have a lot of vendors and particular pieces of equipment that have won my loyalty (and more than a few that haven't) the people are the most important part of IT.  I've been fortunate to work with some really outstanding folks.

Level 9

Thank you to our DBA's who work efficiently and help me out with the solarwinds database whenever i can't figure it out

Level 10

I am thankful for my first boss.  He got me out of retail and into IT; what an improvement!

I am thankful for our WatchGuard firewall cluster.  It is never the cause of our downtime.

Level 10

Thank you Solarwinds for Thwack and the awesome Community you have here and all the products you have that keep us running smoothly. 😉

Thanks also to all of my friends in the industry who taught me their technical knowledge and their soft skills on how to interview, apply for jobs and negotiate pay.  I feel I'm light years ahead of others because you took the time to help out a fledgling geekling.

Level 11

Thanks to our users because if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have a job. Payroll for the money. Co-workers for the fun we have. Boss who is not strict.

Level 10

I thank the maker, for adding new wonderful bugs.. I mean features.

I thank the dark fiber that allows me to work far away from the datacenter.

I thank Intel for multi core multi threaded processing, because the Turbo button would not push processing fast enough anymore

I thank the WIFI's for letting me move around.

I thank the bluetooth from keeping cords from choking me.

I thank Xerox PARC for the mouse.

I thank the Commodore 64 for:

     10 Print tab(x) "Magicpercy is the greatest"

     20 Let x-x+1

     30 if x=100 then x=0

     40 poke 53281,y

     50 Let y=y+1

     60 if y=15 then y=0

     70 goto 10

I would like to thank virtualization for allowing ourselves to be freed from the chains of hardware bondage. RAM chips (and the subsequent limitation of RAM slots), CPU's, drive bays, server fans! Let my IT admins go! Go... and give me excuses why they never patch their infrastructure!  🙂

I thank Drew Major for writing Netware.  Drew Major - Wikipedia

I thank United States Navy Rear Admiral Grace Hopper for all she has done to advance the art of computers. Grace Hopper - Wikipedia


Grace Hopper rocks!

Level 12

Thank you for not monitoring my browser history

Level 10

Dear Tegile Storage Array and VMware: Thank you for simplifying our new billing software environment rollout.  Dear Oracle: Thank you for the new appreciation we have for every other software company and their amazingly straightforward and honest licensing schemes...(not sarcastic at all, I swear...)

Level 9

Thank you, Hyper-V, for saving me data center space as well as my back.  I can quickly spin up a VM without having to provision new hardware and wait for a new procurement to come in.

Level 9

Thank you Thwack community for being a active, knowledgeable and relatable community that actually is worth while. (There are many others that shall go unnamed for this day)

Thank you Solar for making great products and managing the Thwack community, plus making fun monthly event and even prizes. (BONUS)

Thank you 50 inch monitor behind me showing my Orion reports so I don't have to watch that on my monitors.

Thank you LEM for easily giving me the ability to find out what happened last (hour/day/week/month/....).

Thank you users, even though you cause great frustration daily without you I would not have a job. (or a scapegoat)

Level 8

Thanks to VMware Solarwinds and netapp for making my life easier.

Level 9

I am thankful to be able to work in dusty network closets packed with storage items that shouldn't be there, but all the blinky lights are fun to look at


I offer up thanks for our infrastructure existing such that I would have a job to monitor it.

We don't watch your browser....but we can pull a forensic package that shows everything.  Even when to user tries to cover their tracks......they can run, just not hide.