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IPAM 4.3 and UDT 3.2 beta bundle ready for try!

This beta is focused on tighter integration between UDT and IPAM and inconvenient IP address conflicts. Who was first connected to IP, what are conflicting device, what's the segment of the network where it happening? Typical question you have to quickly understand in order to run a troubleshooting and fix steps.

IPAM and UDT combo can help you to understand this fundamentals faster in current Beta.

IPAM gives you history of MAC to IP address connection and it detects IP Address conflicts, where UDT can detect WiFi SSID, port, device and Active Directory user name which should be enough to make a right decision who is conflicting end-point and minimize end-point down time.

small preview:


For more information, please read our beta thread:IPAM 4.3 and UDT 3.2 Beta available for download!


About the Author
I joined SolarWinds PM team in September 2011 and I am currently part of product management team located in Czech Republic . Before that, I spent five years developing networking products and mobile applications.