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IP Address Manager 4.1 is now available!

SolarWinds is pleased to announce that latest and greatest version of IP Address Manager (IPAM) 4.1 has been recently released.

Here is the list of major improvements and new functionality:


ISC DHCP server management

  • A new re-designed DHCP management UI that helps to manage multiple methods of organizing IPs across Windows, CISCO and ISC DHCP vendors
  • Management of ISC DHCP subnet options, ranges and pools (New to ISC)
  • Monitoring of ISC shared network containers and their subnet utilization
  • Monitoring of ISC DHCP IP address static assignments within groups

Support for more DHCP options

  • Monitor and manage over 180 (RFC 2132) DHCP options on Cisco, Microsoft and ISC DHCP servers
  • New UI for DHCP options management with data type validator and text translation of numeric value of each option (you don't have look into RFC)
  • Automatic detection of supported/unsupported options per DHCP vendor
  • Both-way sync between IPAM and DHCP server.

You can read more details in this post: Announcing IP Address Manager 4.1 General Availability!

IPAM v4.1 Release Notes

This version is already waiting for download on customer portal.

Level 13

Nice work SW!  Keep crushing the releases! 

Level 10

Yeah nice work SW.

Level 11

Nice module

About the Author
I joined SolarWinds PM team in September 2011 and I am currently part of product management team located in Czech Republic . Before that, I spent five years developing networking products and mobile applications.