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IP Address Manager 3.1.1 is now available for a download

I would like to announce availability of IP Address Manager (IPAM) 3.1.1. This is a service release and it fixes reported issues and problems.

But it also adds one very widely requested feature - integration with our UDT product. If you are interested what port is used by your IP address or who (what account) is currently using it then IPAM is a right place where you can see all this information together.

You can see this integration on the IP Address Management Tab and see following new colums there:

  • UDT port
  • Currently connected user(s)
  • Connected switch ID (IP or link to node)

IPAM 3.1.1 also adds full support for Windows 2012 Server and Windows 8 (evaluation only) which means that IPAM can also manage and monitor Windows 2012 DHCP & DNS services

Our team also added a small UI improvement so now you can see related subnets, IP Address exclusions or split scopes for each DHCP scope.

Besides what's above, there is a list of issues and bugs that were fixed. You may see full list on IPAM release notes page.

You may download this version from your customer portal and directly upgrade your current IPAM 3.1 instance.

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Level 14

This is a very big feature update, as having the ability to tie ports to IP's, users to ports all the way round is  valuable to all admins. Track and trace - there's no hiding now!

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I joined SolarWinds PM team in September 2011 and I am currently part of product management team located in Czech Republic . Before that, I spent five years developing networking products and mobile applications.