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How to Submit a Product Feature Request

Community Manager
FEATURED EPISODE: How to Submit a Product Feature Request
Video Link : 1390
January 7, 2020

At SolarWinds, we want to know how to make our products better. One of the ways you can help us with this is to submit feature requests for our products. We use these feature requests as part of our planning when determining what to include in future versions. Let me show you some of the best practices when submitting a feature request.

For other videos, be sure to check out the Triple-T Hub.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment below!


Nice one!!


This is something all Thwack members need to see!


Actually I will suggest to the Thwack admins to potentially include this as part of the onboarding mission!!


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Kevin's first computer was the family TI-99/4A. He's learned computing the best way possible: by fixing his own broken machines. He was a SolarWinds customer for nearly 10 years before joining the company. He's worked the range of IT jobs: from the 3-person consultancy to the international law firm. Along the way, he's become a SolarWinds advocate and evangelist of monitoring glory. His passions include shooting archery, blacksmithing, playing D&D, and helping IT professionals leave at a reasonable time each and every day.