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Help Us Get to SXSW

Community Manager

SolarWinds is headed to SXSW 2020, but we need your help to get there.

Community voting for SXSW panels is open until August 23.

Head over to the SXSW PanelPicker website​ and upvote our two proposed sessions. You can vote once per session.

Thanks for your help—we couldn’t do it without you!

Level 15

Done.   Good luck.

Level 21

I'd love to help, but I'm done giving e-mail addresses to strange vendors.  All I end up with is spam.  Sometimes loads and loads of it.

If there were a way to leverage some other private, unshareable credential, I'd be on board.  But I'm not even willing to temporarily create a throw-away e-mail address to make this work.

Level 12

Up one more, from me.

Level 18

I side with rschroeder​ on the email issue.  Too many companies make you agree to terms that allow them to SPAM you because you agreed to their terms at sign up.  If you don't agree to their terms you don't get to set up an account to vote, review, etc.

Level 9

I'm with rschroeder​ here...too much spam already. (but my vote would be for AI)

Level 14

I'll just use one the of the temporary icloud account emails then kill it later

Level 11

I agree on the spam.  For my personal stuff I use  They have a free service that allows you to create unique emails so you at least know who is sharing with who.  No setup required other than creating the initial account.  Super easy to turn off spammers that don't honor unsubscribe.  Its fun when vendors give you a sideways glance at the email you give them if its in person

Level 7

meh... I voted. Total THWAK support

Level 15

upvotes have been duly applied

Level 17

Here here! I voted too. Who cares about a little spam. There are spam filters for that and they are easy to use.