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Having issues with a recent order from the thwack store?

Community Manager

We are aware several of you recently placed an order in the thwack store but did not receive the follow-up email to confirm your order.  Unfortunately, our server went offline on August 28th and we have been working with our other vendor to get it up and running.  The issue looks to be resolved as of this morning but we were not able to retrieve any orders that were placed between August 28th and September 8th.  If you placed an order between these dates, please let us know in the comment section below and we will be in touch.

Thank you for your patience!

Level 9

I placed an order on Aug. 31st for 1 pair of SW sunglasses.



Level 10

I placed several orders, I think it was on 9/3 or 9/4 (it was a busy week).  They were for:  basketball hoop, hammer, job security badge, and a pint glass.

Level 17

I did NOT, but found it interesting to get a 2nd hoodie in the mail... i think i was waiting on a T-Shirt... in the end it gets gold in the basement and having a stay at work long sleeve is always beneficial!

Level 13

I placed 3 orders this morning (9/8), a hoodie, Thwackhammer, and Nerf gun.


Wait a minute here... DanielleH‌, why is SolarWinds not monitoring that server on that vendor's network? lol...

"Unfortunately, our server went offline on August 28th and we have been working with our other vendor to get it up and running."

Community Manager
Community Manager

wluther‌ Oh, we've offered them an "exclusive" free 30 day trial on a few calls


DanielleH‌ I believe it...

Level 16

Hey guys,

I sent you a DM for more details.

Level 9

I placed an order for a few items (including multiple quantities of a same item) on September 8. The issue was reported to maria.bungau‌ via a DM. Please let me know if you need further information.

Level 9

The thwack store only shows me at 74 points but when I log in it states I have 3,574 points.  I tried to place an order but it didnt look like it wen through and I got no confirmation email.  Can someone help please.



You Thwack score is the total count of all of your points, and does not decrease when you spend them in the store.

The points balance that is shown in the store view, is your remaining points you have to spend.

Let's say you have a total of 4,000 Thwack points, and you buy a SolarWinds Lab Coat for 3,500.

After you buy that coat, your store balance will only show 500 points, but your overall Thwack points balance will still be at 4,000.

The store will only show you the items you have enough points to buy. So, if the item was not hidden/covered, and you clicked the purchase button, then the store will deduct the points and it should send you an email to completed the order.

If you have not received the email to complete the order, then you should contact DanielleH‌ or maria.bungau‌ and see if they can look into it for you.

Thank you,


Level 9

Maria got me squared away.  🙂

Level 9

I placed an order for a backpack on 9/10 and received the "order submitted" email.

Other than that one email, I have not received a shipping notification or any other correspondence.


Level 8

DanielleH‌ I ordered a few things on 9/10 as well. I received emails with a link to complete the order, but the page did not load. I just checked my points today and my points have been used towards the purchases that were never completed and I also never received the items. However one of my items did get through and was received last week. The only purchase I received was the SW lanyard. Can I please get my points back or have the items that I ordered be shipped to me?


Level 16

dgilliam28‌, I'll contact you directly. Hang tight!

Level 16

rgtheitman‌, I just sent you a DM.