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Have you upgraded to NPM 12?

Community Manager

NPM 12 is here and unless you've been hiding under a rock (which is not likely with this crowd), I'm sure you've heard the buzz around the new features and new Orion platform UI.  But in case you haven't, here's what's been going on.

We saw some really great feedback through the beta and RC process (thank you participants!) and in addition to the features in this release, we've also reduced the upgrade blues.

  • 93% felt NPM 12 was worth the effort of upgrading
  • 96% felt the upgrade took average or less than average effort
    • 35.7% - average effort
    • 60.7% - less than average effort
  • 93.8% felt this upgrade was equivalent to or easier than a previous upgrade experience.

Have you upgraded to NPM 12 yet?  If yes, please tell us about your experience below!  If not, I would highly encourage you to connect with folks in the comment section to vet any concerns or questions you have regarding this release.

NPM 12! Every Node. Every Path. Every Network.


not yet....

Level 7

I want to upgrade to NPM 12 to get the NetPath but we have Server 2003 and

Server 2008 servers and in the Gotchas

Gotchas you should review

When upgrading to NPM 12 on the same server with DPA installed, the DPAO

piece causes issues with alerting.

NPM 12.0 no longer supports Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008 SP1, or 2008

R2 without SP1.

NPM 12.0 has new port requirements: 5671 (Rabbit MQ messaging), 17791

(agent communication to 2008 R2 SP1), 17778 (SW Information Service, agent

communication to 2012).

If you have edited resource properties, the All Groups resource may be

empty after upgrading to NPM 12.

When upgrading to NPM 12, using the group by feature for custom properties

may return no results, and the data loading may hang or not complete. All

regular functionality is unaffected by the issue.

When upgrading to NPM 12.0 with SAM, we recommend upgrading SAM to 6.2 or

later. For alerting, SNMPv3 trigger conditions will not properly work with

SAM 6.1.1 or earlier on NPM 12.0.

NPM 11.5 and later no longer support SQL 2005.

SolarWinds installations on Windows server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 require a

Microsoft hotfix to fully use the FIPS-compatibility features of

SolarWinds products. For more information about this required Microsoft

hotfix, see

For NPM 11.5, if you have Virtualization Manager (VMan) installed and

integrated, you may need to upgrade and reintegrate VMan after upgrading.

To verify upgrade paths with VMan, you may want to contact Support. For

NPM 11.5, you should have VMan 6.0 installed. For NPM 11.5.2 and SAM

6.2.1, you should have VMan to 6.3 installed.

If you have written your own code, such as changing SolarWinds .css files

or adding .js files, or been directed to make changes by Support, the code

may be overwritten during the upgrade. You can learn more about upgrading

with custom code here.

Always check that you have enough hard drive space for zipped and unzipped

installers. One unzipped installer could consume a couple GBs of space.

During your upgrade, make sure to upgrade one version at a time on each

poller. The versions must match between the main and additional poller or

you will receive a Database Configuration Failure Error.

If you are upgrading from a very early or End of Life SolarWinds product

version, you may want to install a new product instead of performing an

upgrade, saving or migrating your data. SolarWinds Support can provide the

best advice for these upgrade scenarios.

Level 12

Upgraded to NPM 12, SAM 6.24, SRM 6.3, NTA 4.2, upgrade process itself was smooth.

However had to open a ticket today re: a scheduled report that fires three times (sending out three emails) instead of the expected once.

Definitely nothing like the complete horror show that NPM 11.5 was.

Oh, also had a problem with the High Transmit Percent Utilization with Top Talkers alert, it was firing when the util was below the 90% threshold that we had set it at, had to disable it for now.

"High Interface Alert

Interface xxx for node xxxx  has a transmitted utilization of 12 which is greater than the threshold of 90%."

Level 10

I've installed NPM 12.  My impressions so far are positive for the most part.  Unfortunately for feedback it always seems easier to highlight negatives than positives.  A couple of issues that I see are the new font has a lot of padding above and below so the same screen pre 12 is much more compact, whereas with 12 it seems double-spaced, which really takes away from the new streamlined feel.  Others have mentioned this (see edsando​comments in this thread: Orion UI Refresh: How feedback from users shaped the changes.  It also seems to have broken some resource formatting (see IPAM New UI Issues After Orion 2016.1.5300 / NPM 12.0 / IPAM 4.3.1 Upgrade

I've also believe that some alert logic has changed because I'm getting a lot of nodes going into warning that were just marked as down previously, even though they are truly down and a continuous ping to them shows no response ever.  I've had to modify alerts as a result.

So, some positives: NetPath is very cool.  Looking forward to Exchange 2016 support in AppInsight for Exchange with SAM 6.2.4.  I think I like the new nav bar, - though I think for my most commonly used links I'm going to have to generate a custom bar to make it quicker.

Level 13

Up and running on NPM 12 and everything is working just fine.  I like the new nav bar and coloring. 

I did it the first week as a Release Candidate, it was smooth.  Now that there's official training for an official release, I bet it'll be even smoothers for new adopters.

I appreciate the new look & feel.  And NetPath is fun and impressive--something like that should've been built and enabled 20 years ago by the Industry.  I like it.

Level 12

Did you get a solution for the scheduled reporting?  I'm seeing something similar.

Level 10


Also, beware of using certain virtual machine types as sources for NetPath polling. We found in our case an almost 11ms to 10ms padding on the 1st hop, and then subsequent scoring issues on next hops as the earlier hop times are subtracted from the later hop totals. They gave me a custom .DLL to resolve this in our environment. It is not too widespread, as I understand it; and I can give you an example of it before and after the DLL fix in our UCS environments. Just check out relative numbers being within 10% to 20 % of traceroute on the same path. It was numbers off by two to three orders of magnitude that clued us in. SW development come on and confirmed with Wireshark captures.



edward sandoval

it enterprise monitoring engineer

office: 503-495-4011

Level 9

4 hours of "updates" and now the web interface is at least twice as fast to load.

Platform 2016.1.5300, IPAM 4.3.1, SAM 6.2.4, DPA 10.0.1, NCM 7.5, IVIM 2.1.2, QoE 2.1.0, NetPath 1.0, NPM 12.0, NTA 4.2.0

Community Manager
Community Manager

prawij did you get a resolution? If you could post your case number that would be super helpful.

Level 12

No resolution as of yet, case # for the triple scheduled report issue is 1003398, just got the initial email response requesting diagnostics at 9PM, will send them on Monday.

Level 9

I just upgraded a setup with 2 polling engines and 1 webserver  it took about 4,5 hours.

Orion Platform 2016.1.5300, DPA 10.0.1, IVIM 2.1.2, NetPath 1.0, QoE 2.1.0, NCM 7.5, NPM 12.0, SAM 6.2.4, NTA 4.2.0 © 1999-2016 SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

When upgrading the additional webserver, i received a message stating that the NTA in the additional webserver installer was older then the  one on the main poller, so i had to install that seperately.

When performing another setup last week, i didn't receive that message and NTA is just working fine (on both enviroments)

Orion Platform 2016.1.5300, NCM 7.5, IVIM 2.1.2, NetPath 1.0, VNQM 4.2.4, DPA 10.0.1, NPM 12.0, QoE 2.1.0, SAM 6.2.4, NTA 4.2.0 © 1999-2016 SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

further more in multiple upgrades, the logo's were lost

Level 9

Yes I have and I am regretting it. One issue after another and to top it off, the support guys have extremely slow response. I am already thinking about if we should continue our maintenance next year or not.


Upgraded to NPM 12, SAM 6.2.4, NCM 7.5, NTA 4.2, SRM 6.3, and an additional polling engine as well. Went smooth, and have had nothing but good things to say and see about it. Overall I've been very -- very impressed with the new UI, and loving the new responsiveness of the web console. It truly shows, what may have taken sometimes nearly 10+ seconds is taking a snap of the fingers to load in the web now, feels like it zips around.

Netpath - I love getting new features without shelling out more $$.

Keep up the good work SolarWinds.

Level 12

Diagnostics uploaded, ticket updated.

Level 9

I am waiting for my upgrade to finish its change control approvals. I am currently looking at a July 5th upgrade date for 1 primary and 3 additional pollers. I am also going to upgrade to the latest versions of SAM, SRM, and VNQM at the same time. Should be a fun day!

Already Upgraded and using, really awesome.

Level 13

Upgraded on the second day of official release, took me about 6 hours? Mainly because my server takes forever to reboot... Otherwise navigating around takes me a bit longer, but i'll definitely get used to it, and enjoying some of the new features!

What are your issues? I haven't upgraded, and would like to know what you ran into

Level 12

Found another possible bug:

Case # 1004357: When using a custom time period for the Events resource (http://solarwinds/Orion/NetPerfMon/Events.aspx) the end time is offset by 4 hours when the results are displayed:

To replicate:

1. Click on Events

2. Set Time period to custom, enter begin and end date/time

3. Click refresh - results shown will have last events showing 4 hours earlier than end time of custom time period


I wonder if it is reverting to UTC and not your local time....which could be the bug.

Level 12

Could well be, there used to be a bug in WPM that did the same thing with event times - they fixed that one with a patch/hotfix.


inconceivable !!

I have never seen a bug resurface...oh wait, I have. 

<rant> CA re-introduced the same bugs (yes plural) in subsequent releases of Unicenter when it was ported to a new OS.

They ported over the same base code without fixing any of the known bugs.  I went through 3 iterations of the same bugs over a period of 9-12 months.  It was stupid crazy.

Their support team hated me because I'd drag up old tickets and refer to them with the new OS release and in the end they would have to admit it.  Of course at that time, I had recommended against their product and it was bought anyway.  In the end after a few years it was trash canned.  I hated how their software sales people would do an end run around you to sell a bill of goods to upper management just to get a sale.  </rant>

Now I know that with unmanage periods, it refers to the time (with UTC offsets observed in 11.5) of your local browser you are using to set the un-manage period, so if your polling engine is in a different time zone or even 5 away, you won't get local time to the polling engine. So either you calculate the offset manually or your RDP to a machine in that time zone in order to not have to calculate time differences.

Upgraded last night. Everything went smooth, nothing to report. Only took about two hours to upgrade primary and secondary pollers.

My NOC views are completely destroyed, though. The amount of wasted white space in these new resources is atrocious. The Active Alerts resource, for example, really takes up a lot of space. It used to be a quarter of the size it is now. I'll be spending the next few days redesigning all of our NOC views to try and fit more information on them.

Can't wait to try NetPath and look into Flex Stack monitoring... this should be good!

Level 10

We upgraded in our lab, but not production as we have encountered some issues with the F5 monitoring. 

Level 11

Upgraded all of our modules a few weeks ago but had a few issues, nothing that was critical. We received an email that the VNQM download was bad and to reinstall it which fixed all of the issues we were having. Everything is great now and starting to play with NetPath. Agree with nickzourdos  about the views got some work ahead of me as well.

Level 8

I upgraded last week. Everything went smooth and we have had zero issues so far. I also noticed the different font being uses which caused a formatting issue on our wall monitor. We changed the windows around and resized certain windows to get it back to almost the way it looked before.

I love the way it handles switchstacks now. For us that was reason enough to upgrade.

Community Manager
Community Manager

neman4ever​ What is your status on this? Happy to help if you are still waiting on a response.

Level 9

After the upgrade ion two different installations, i found out that the NTA is not working anymore on the additional webserver (it works like a charm om the webserver on the main poller), on both installations i receive a message that the services has not started, and when clicking on a NTA node, i see a license messge (of course i reran the installation, and ran the license manager. I ended up creating a ticket on sunday, still waiting for response from support.

Level 9

1) Customer SQL query based alerts not working

2) Web based report writer is extremely buggy

3) SNMP Discovery sometimes works sometimes dosnt

4) Issue with list resources

etc etc

Level 12

So on the triple report problem, we had three different reports scheduled to fire at 6AM, looked at the logs with support this afternoon and it looked like it was getting confused with the timing of all three at once, we've offset each one now so we send one at 6AM, one at 6:05AM and one at 6:10AM, will find out if that resolves it tomorrow morning.

This problem with the spacing and text wrapping is killing me. Also still not having the ability to place a web-based report in a view is just plain unhelpful. Why are reports so flexible when it comes to organizing and spacing resources, but something as critical as NOC views are limited?


Looks like this line of topics can use a central point in the product forum so we have a common place to see all the discovered features with legs and issues people are having.  I'm not sure everyone will find it since it is in the announcements.  Just an observation.

Level 17

IT's installed and running, NPM, NCM & SAM; but the old(er) version is still running in production. New Build out was surprisingly easy to setup with NPM version 11.5.3..... then NPM 12 Came out.  That install was a Breeze!  Trying to figure out the Netpath, but already enjoy the auto dependencies, the added granularity in alerting and reporting and rights management as well... looking forward to the full face first dive into this when we switch the new version into production.

Level 12

Issue was resolved by offsetting the three reports to run 5 minutes apart. If you are having trouble with multiple instances of the same report being sent out - check you don't have them scheduled for the same time.

Level 8

i just upgraded my installation to v12... and don't forget to apply the hotfix on it

Level 11

Will not upgrade until AT LEAST .1 or .2 release. I run into enough bugs, so I don't need any additional stress by being bleeding edge and running into .0 release bugs. Looks like a solid release though.

Level 11

I'm waiting for at least some hotfix releases, or possibly a minor version bump to avoid initial bugs in a new major release like this. I'd also like to wait until the next version of SAM hits so I can upgrade all of my modules at once.

Level 9

i don't think the triple reporting is v12 - we've just started seeing that issue on a specific report on 11.5

Level 9

Updated to NPM 12, Love it for the most part. Unfortunately it broke the IP Address Tracker and since that is a free tool there is no support. Anybody else small enough to be using that tool? Did you have any issues? Were you able to resolve them? How? Please help!

Level 9

Just upgraded to NPM 12, playing with NetPath

Level 13


Level 7

We love NPM 12, but we did have one issue that wasn't in any of the documentation we found.  You can no longer have DBA running on the same server and NPM, so we had to migrate DPA to another server before we could complete the upgrade.  There was no mention except the warning from the upgrade saying it couldn't complete if DBA was installed.  Even the DBA support tech was suprised to hear this when he helped us migrate DBA to it's own server.

Level 8

We upgraded to NPM 12.0 with lots of excitement and some of that was lost when many things didn't work as expected.  We had problem with Network Atlas maps not loading, database maintenance would exit with errors of "input string was not in a correct format", can't import discovered/changed nodes.  After opening up a case that went all over the place I tried to see what I could do and for the moment have fixed the issue as hand.  If others are experiencing something like this you can see my writeup at:

Now I am finally after to see what NPM 12.0 really is and will see how netpath and all works....can't wait.

Level 7

Web Designers,

The two different video links on this page go to the same you tube video. Please fix.

Have you upgraded to NPM 12?

.. Jim ..

Level 12

What I've found is that the DPA Orion integration component that's installed on the primary poller along with NPM 12/SAM 6.24 was affecting our alerting (some alerts were working, others weren't). We don't have DPA installed, I uninstalled the DPA Orion integration piece and our alerting is working now.

Also have the following issues since the upgrade to NPM 12:

Case #1013605 - "Missing multiple nodes in the Events view - in the "FILTER DEVICES: Network Object drop down selection" - with development

Case #1004357 - "When using a custom time period for the Events resource (http://solarwinds/Orion/NetPerfMon/Events.aspx) the end time is offset by 4 hours when the results are displayed" - with development

If you are on NPM 11.x and don't desperately need Netpath or F5 visibility, I would suggest holding off for now.

Level 7

Not yet.. Hope to soon..

Level 11

our NOC Staff is not happy with the dashboards views, like others have stated the spacing has skewed a bunch.

I am also very disappointed with the capacity increase, which we saw zero by upgrading when several times I have read to expect near 25% increase in elements.

Overall the systems seems a bit sluggish. We had to upgrade for some DR features we wanted.

When is the EOC upgrade going to happen? This has been dragging for a year now and we are tired of having two instances up.

Level 11

Yes we have upgraded.

Level 12

I also had trouble with Top Talkers firing too often no longer able to email a web page. We should do a separate thread to follow up on  that, I think.