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Have you tried turning it on and off again? Share your craziest helpdesk requests!

Level 16


I don’t like Windows 8. Can I upgrade to Windows 10?

You already have Windows 10.

No, this is 8. I don’t like it. Can I change it?

Every computer here already has Windows 10.

Well, can I still have the upgrade?


Let’s face it. Some people should barely be allowed to go near a computer, much less use one. IT departments across the globe are flooded with requests that, 9 times out of 10, can be solved with a pinch of common sense. And now it’s time for you to let us know your workplace horror stories.

Use the comments section below to share the silliest questions, problems and requests you’ve had to sort out for others at your workplace. We’re looking for absolutely everything from a stupefying back-and-forth to a cry for help that boggles the mind. Showcase the stupidity in the comments below, and we'll give you 250 thwack points!!

Level 13

The absolute stupidest help call I ever got was in the first couple years of my IT career. My boss - who was primarily responsible for maintaining the handful of PCs in the office - had set up a Compaq desktop for us to use. The PC was plugged into a power strip/surge suppressor (this will become important).

The last day before I went on vacation, I did all the usual pre-shutdown stuff and turned off the PC using the big orange power switch on the side of the case. Then I left. Because I was young and naive, I left my vacation contact info with my boss.

First workday of my vacation, I got a call from the boss. The following conversation ensued:

Boss: The Compaq isn't working. It's dead.

ME: What's happening, exactly?

Boss: It won't turn on. I'm pressing the switch on the power strip and it doesn't start up.

ME: OK, that's because I turned it off at the power switch on the PC case. Leave the strip on and flip the power switch on the PC.

Boss: It has a power switch?

Yes, the computer has a power switch.

Level 10

The best is when a request for desk-side help comes in and you make the trip over to help this person and when you get there they say, "Oh, I don't know what happened never mind it's fixed"

Then I say, "Glad I can help"

Level 13

I also like when I go to someone's desk and ask them to repeat the exact things they were doing in order to recreate the problem. When the problem mysteriously fails to reoccur, I explain that my mere presence frightens the system into behaving. I've "fixed" more problems just by showing up...

Level 8

I also seem to have the jedi powers of just being there and things just work.  I jokingly told someone in finance that I should get life size cut outs of myself and place them around the office so that there would be less problems. In our next monthly meeting this topic was brought up as if there would be some production gain/cost savings involved.  I watch what I say around here anymore.


I had a co-worker that was having an issue with a server unmanage request.  It kept ending up with the wrong time so he had me come over to watch so that it would work right.  Worked perfectly...

Level 8

Some of the individuals I supported were end-users that did transcription (listening to audio and typing). One of the occasional complaints was that they would get no audio on their headphones. After trying to walk them through basic instructions on how to test their audio with no success, I then would connect to their workstation remotely and showed them how to mute and unmute their audio. For as much as they typed and as much as they listened to audio on their computer, it was still difficult at times to get them to simply right-click the icon to see if they had their audio muted. What could take 30 seconds checking ended up being 15 minutes of instruction on how to mute/unmute with a single click.

Level 11

Back in the day, when I worked for an ISP...

"Can I put your signup CD in my Playstation (1)?"

"Well, it will spin round, but that's about it."

Inside the mind of a user......

Our building has an intercom system.  When it is used...almost every employee hears it. 

Fifteen years ago I heard. "Can someone from IT please call 'User Manager' at extension xxxx"  I'll bite so I called the manager.  She was having an issue booting up so I went to her desk.

At this time, all of the desktops in public areas had a BIOS boot passwords.  I was informed by the user that the BIOS password on her computer has changed.  I asked them to type in the password.  They touched typed the password and it failed.  I asked the user to type the password again using only two worked.

Using just two fingers made the user think about the password and it was done right.  My job here was done so I rode off into the sunset.


Level 15

This story that I will tell just happened when I started in IT, mud after the flood. hehehehehehe
ME: Yes can speak
Mr. Look, I bought a computer and need to clone my hard drive.
Me: You bought here in our store?
SR.Não competition, but I'm told that you do that.
ME Yes, certainly. You can bring your computer tomorrow and solve it for you
Sr: Not! I want you to tell me now by phone ...
ME, forgiveness Sr. I do not not understand.
Mr. Can you say how do step by step I write and do the same here at home ....

I have not spent the command, it was not entitled to support, but anyone who has cloned winodws 98 SE know what I mean ...

(  kychifre) 

Level 17

First ticket of the day today!

Network Problem - Machine (PC) can not connect to Citrix - please fix.

So I check the error and see the IP of the Machine in question that can not be connected to.....

  Search of iPAM results in a name and a MAC Address.

  Search Assets to confirm MAC

  Search switch for connected device by MAC

*** IT'S NOT THERE ***

So I call the Desktop Tech who called this ticket in and tell him to go turn on the PC in question that they can not connect to.

  Well - he wasn't on site so a phone call by him to the users to check and Lo and Behold that dang thing is not even powered up!

1 Down on a Monday - God knows how many to go...smh, dang desktop!

Level 7

Have had people call and say they needed a new cup holder because theirs broke, of course i let them know there was not a cup holder on the computer. The user would be like, "yes there is, when i push the button on the front of the computer a try pops out for my cup".

As did printer support for a bit and call goes like this....

User: My printer wont work

Me: What seems to be the issue?

User: It doesn't power on when i push the power button

Me: Do you have it plugged into a power strip, can you test the power outlet with something that you know works?

User: I don't have it plugged in

Me: Please plug the power cord into an appropriate and try to power on again

User: But its a wireless printer, why do i need to plug it in?

Me: Next 20 minutes to explain

Level 11

That reminds me of the time we had a customer threaten to sue us and take us to Trading Standards as the wireless DSL router we'd supplied had to be plugged in.

"But it's wireless."

"It still needs power and a DSL connection."

"No, I asked for a wireless router, why does it need wires?"


I had to deal with an issue at my next job, where someone couldn't VPN in from home.

I discovered it was because their laptop wasn't on a network..

"Oh, you just need to connect to your wireless network."

"Oh right, but it connects automatically in the office?"

"Yes, but this isn't the office, this is your home."

"Oh, ok. Can you tell me the password for the network?"

"Erm, but it's your router on your connection at home?"

"I know, but you're IT, you must know what the password is, isn't all wireless the same?"


Level 9

And they wonder why we drink!!!

Level 10

My favorite was delivering a new iMac to someone. When I was plugging the computer in, the woman said to me, "I was told that this computer was wireless. I need a wireless computer."

This is so sad.  That users believe wireless is truly wireless.  That they also have this impression it's ubiquitous, secure, fast, and reliable.

So extremely, ironically, unavoidably sad.

Like Ariel seeing her little buddies Flounder & Sebastian in the Wal-Mart aquarium.


Level 8

I once had a department head come to me and ask me to restore a missing file for her.  Of course I asked her what the file name was, system, drive and directory it was in, and how far back I should go to get a valid file.  She didn't know what the file name was, and she didn't know exactly what directory it was in, but she knew it was somewhere on the file server she used, and that it had been there at some point in the past year or two.  I ended up restoring the entire file and directory structure multiple times and eventually she found her "missing" in a backup that was almost four years old.

Level 10

My explanation every time this happens is that IT has "the gift".  I can't count how many times I've had this happen to me over the years.

Level 10

Customer: Why did you turn off my Internet?!?!?!

Me: I'm sorry ma'am. I don't have all the facts. What and when did this happen?

Customer: JUST NOW! Why did you turn off my Internet?!?!

Me: Ma'am, my system is saying you have an Internet connection. Actually, you are using Facebook on an iPad.

Customer: Not that! My computer! You turned off the Internet on my computer! Why?!?!

Me: Ma'am, is the computer on?



Customer: It is now! Why didn't you say something earlier?! Why is the blue E window popping up? What are all these windows??

Me: Ma'am, I believe your Internet connection is working. If you need further support, please call Microsoft at 1 (800)-642-7676.

Level 9

We have roving onsite techs who are in charge of swapping in/out gear and generally being our physical presence onsite.

OnsiteTech> Hey there, the users here aren't able to print from <app> at all, can you please check the queue?

Me> Sure, give me the name...tap tap...looks ok here, I'll try a test job, did it make it ok?

OnsiteTech> Nope, nothing here

Me> Well it's pingable, I can't see anything wrong from here. Is there anything unusual on the printer lights or display?

OnsiteTech> Nah it looks fine, the display just says ERR

I found more polite wording than this, but essentially I classify this sort of problem as a YOYO. You're On Your Own!

Level 9

Maybe I'm setting the bar a little high.   As usual, the network/firewall gets the blame every time 2 things can't talk to each other.   But I wish I had a dollar for every time I've explained to a vendor, application person or even the server team that if 2 systems are in the same subnet, that means we really don't have a firewall in between them.  

If I had a extra dollar for every time it's a) Windows firewall or b) the service isn't running.....I'd be retired now.

My other favorite was when our group had some new single mode fiber run between offices.   An 'engineer' asked me if the work was done and when we could start using them.   I explained that we needed to wait for all the extra bits from testing to drain out before we used them.     I think I suppressed the laughter for a full 15 minutes before he realized what I had said.

I wish I could remember some of the winners from my tier 1 phone support days.....but I'm blocking those memories for a good reason I'm sure.

Level 10

To help put my two daughters through private colleges, I moonlighted for awhile at the Genius Bar of a local Apple Store. It was a regular occurrence to have people bring in iPhones and iPads that had gone into lakes, pools, and toilets (don't get me started about that one!).

I lost count of the number of still-wet devices that customers claimed should work because it was only a small drop of water after all,  and wanting to know why Apple did not stand behind their products and just replace the device with a new one for free.

My other favorite was the number of men who came in with a computer they borrowed from their wife or girlfriend and was now locked up with adult-only-related malware and ads that "somehow got on the machine."

Level 9

mhinton I did that gig for a bit too.  A surprising number of people also forget what their background is or what web page they have open when they fire up their computer for help.  Then they get really embarrassed.   And it wasn't gender specific either.

Like you, steamfoundry‌, I all-too-frequently have vendors claim we're blocking their applications ports for traffic within the same VLAN, or across VLANs, or at our Internet-facing firewall.

It's an easy explanation for them, an excuse for why their product doesn't work properly, but I tend to give them the benefit of the doubt.  I try to take the time to explain what we do block, what we don't block, and why we don't block on L2 solutions.

Some folks have just enough info to be dangerous:  they may understand it's possible to create ACL's that can deny TCP ports, and that it's possible to apply those ACLs to physical switch ports.  Again, it's time to be patient and explain that we're not the NSA or CIA or FBI, and we don't do that blocking--even though it might make traffic more secure--because it causes so much trouble, and we don't have the bodies to devote to select some subset of the 130,000 logical TCP/UDP ports and then filtering them on our 70,000 physical ports.

The vendors still don't get it.

Level 8

A managing editor of a weekly publication calls me into his office and says his computer is not working and won't turn on. I checked the power first then try to turn it on and he is right and says it is dead. I told him I have to take it back to my office to work on it but he is reluctant having me disconnect it. I notice there is a coffee cup on top of it that is empty but it was stuck to the top of the tower. He failed to tell me yesterday he spill a whole cup of coffee into the PC.

Level 10

Yes that was a surprisingly frequent experience. Most surprising to me was when they did NOT get embarrassed at all.

Level 15

Okay true story, but not tech related.

While spending a misspent youth in a pool hall for far too long, I had the pleasure of watching the owner play tricks on his new (and naive) employees. It would go something like this:

  • "Joe, we need fresh sand for the ashtrays. Take these two buckets and go to Jones beach and get fresh sand please." Four hours later he'd return with the sand (unaware that the hardware store around the corner sold sand).
  • "Bobby, I think the cashew guy has been shorting us on his cashew delivery. Count these and make sure we have all he promised." (Bobby, my friend, didn't realize weight was a quantity too - idiot.)
  • "Joe, please put fresh air in the basketballs. Just squeeze them out and blow them back up please."
  • "Paul, go to the store and get paper towels, coffee, dehydrated water, sugar, and a cordless extension cord."

I cannot believe all of these people fell for this. Thus proving that...Knowledge is power.

Level 13

...Knowledge is power.

Knowledge is knowing tomatoes are a fruit.

Wisdom is not putting tomatoes in a fruit salad.

Philosophy is wondering if ketchup is a smoothie.

Doesn't sound so misspent to me!

Level 9

My neighbor contacted me and asked I look at his computer, windows wasn't loading and he needed to do a report for work, from the errors it looks like it was missing some system files, after a while he admitted to needing so space so he cleaned out some of the "turnny wheel things" after some head scratching and many questions I found that the "turnny wheel" is the icon for a dll and since when he clicked on them they didn't open he determined that they were useless and deleted them to clear up some space

Level 10

I've seen this before, and made me laugh. I've used this at department and management meetings to "help" people understand the why technical expertise should be consulted before tackling major projects.

Level 10

Reminds me a bit of. "go in my toolbox and find the left-handed screwdriver for me."

Level 9

bsquillace‌ I once had a hardware replacement for a big firewall come in with something pre-spilled on it.  I mean big, I was surprised it didn't come with a pallet  This RMA was from a company in the upper right of a lot of Gartner magic squares.

I took pictures then called in an RMA for my RMA.  I didn't even try to fire it up before I sent it back.

Let's just say I had some choice feedback to my account team about it.

Level 8

What prompted me to post what I did was that we are testing an Arista 10GB fiber switch today. My supervisor set down a glass of water on the switch and a minute later a SQL reports guy comes in the room and knocks it over on the running switch. Again I did not post this story since it was IT not end users causing the mishap!

Which goes along with the practical jokes played on the innocent and trusting who are sent for "blinker fluid", "headlight fluid", "cord stretchers", "paper stretchers", "muffler bearings", etc.

The older I get, the more I see the jokes as wasted time & effort, ways of generating embarrassment and resentment through abusing trust.  Which teaches that we're not worthy of trust.

Of course, I laughed just as much as the next person when I heard about those instances, and prayed I'd never fall victim.  Maybe it was all just "team building".

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It was always fun to tell the new operator to go empty the bit bucket.

Level 8

I was told to bring dehydrated water to work the next day so when I came the next morning I brought a pile of empty, and properly washed out, herbicide jugs, enough to fill the back of his pickup, and I had an old extension cord that died of old age so I cut the ends off and replaced the cord with twine between the plugs. Needing dehydrated water out in the field baling hay at least had some ring of sense, but needing an extension cord when there wasn’t a socket within a mile of there made no sense at all. Had he only asked for the water I might have been worried and fallen for the joke, but with the cord included I realized it had to be a joke.

After a good laugh, realizing that the joke was in fact on him this time, apparently he’d successfully pulled that on other crews before, he told me to get rid of the jugs so I took his truck to drive the 30 miles one way to the dump to dispose of them since I’d been dropped off with all the empties and had no other transportation available to me there. There had been more dew overnight than expected so baling was delayed while we waited for the dew to dry off and the trip to the dump and back didn’t impact the work for the day.


"This message may contain confidential and/or privileged information. If you are not the addressee or authorized to receive this for the addressee, you must not use, copy, disclose, or take any action based on this message or any information herein. If you have received this message in error, please advise the sender immediately by reply e-mail and delete this message. Thank you for your cooperation."


Reminds of when I was doing a stint as a Dell service technician. I was called out to replace a users laptop motherboard as it "wasn't turning on". I opened up the chassis and found dried milk (I hope!) everywhere and the components were stuck together. I'm not sure I would have been able to separate the board from the bottom plastic cover without snapping one or both. In the end, I called Dell support and told them the user had spilt liquid in the laptop. The guy had complete cover anyway and Dell started to organise a replacement unit - not sure why he didn't tell them about the spill in the first place.

Level 8

Several years ago.

Client: Yes my @#$% @#$%^ computer isn't working!!

Me: Okay sir, please describe to me what exactly is not working?

Client: The whole system is a worthless ##@%^^$$#

Me: (During their cussing stage of 2 minutes ("...........")

Me; Okay sir, is the computer turned on?

Client: No it not!

Me: Okay, please check to make sure the power cord of the server is plug in.

Client: Oh come on! Is that the best you can do to help me solve my---- oh @#$%, it was unplug the whole time! (Then not evening thanking me or having the courtesy to allow me to make sure if there anything else needed to be done for him, as he was hanging up the phone, he was asking a group of peoples on his end, who unplug this!?)

Level 16

Guys, thanks a lot for your feedback. Points will be applied by the end of this week.

Level 8

Not that this story is about a naive user, but it's fun none the less.

I had a user call me to his office claiming his PC had died and he wanted me to look at it.  This was a tower system that he kept under his desk on the floor.  When I tried to boot it up, the BIOS came up, but it never really went anywhere after that.  With the user was standing a few feet away, I laid my hand on the top of the PC case and closed my eyes for a moment.  I could feel the faint "click, click, click" of a hard drive dead from the "click of death".  Now to me, I didn't even think about what I was doing.  I knew that I could probably feel the clicking of a failed hard drive, which I had already suspected based on the BIOS showing up with then no drive or OS boot sequence.  I also didn't particularly feel like roaming around in the dust under the user's desk on my hands and knees, so I used my "lay on hands" approach.  What I failed to appreciate until afterward was how this appeared to the user. 

As we all know, often problems will "magically disappear" when the tech shows up.  In this case, the tech (me) shows up, looks at the same screen showing a dead computer that the user has been staring at for a while, then calmly lays his hand on the computer.  He closes his eyes for a moment and simply pronounces, "Yep, I think your hard drive has died."

It wasn't until later when I overheard the user telling someone else this story about how I had diagnosed his failed hard drive by touch that I realized how it appeared and how funny it actually was.

Level 12

I have had this happen as well, and the opportunity to mess with a user’s head is irresistible. Good one!

Kenneth W. Cohen

Network Analyst

Global Technical Services, IT

Office: 470-448-5870

Mobile: 678-428-9875<>

Level 12

I got so many

but my latest 2 irks

recently handed out new corporate mobile phones

Laboratory Supervisor meets me in the car park

LS: my phone is not working

Me: what's wrong with it?

LS: its not pairing with my car

Me: (with a straight face) Is it able to make phone calls and send\receive corporate e-mails

LS: yes

Me: then it is working

LS: But I can't get it to pair with my car

Me: Ma'am IT doesn't support your car or what your phone pairs with . . . bye and have a nice evening

and again

Team Lead: (calls me at 5:30PM) Can you call the lab, they have some issue with a critical equipment not getting connectivity

Me: knows the equipment is not on the network, but call the Lab - no answer

next morning

Team Lead: I got an e-mail from the Lab Supervisor that their critical equipment is not communicating can you check it out

Me: Ok (checks Solarwinds - no alerts)

Lab Supervisor: (phone call from lab) We need urgent IT assistance, nothing is working in the Lab, we have no connectivity ! ! !

Me: But you are calling me from a VOIP phone in the Lab (checks Solarwinds again - no alerts)

Lab Supervisor Boss - VP Operations sends e-mail to all of IT - can we get some urgent IT assistance in The Lab please

Me: I'll send my Help Desk guy

Help Desk guy: Their critical equipment doesn't have power

Me: Figures . . .

Lab Supervisor is still calling the system developers for assistance

Couple years ago we are moving from a server room to a newly commissioned data center, so we have shut down all equipment, disconnected and physically moving.

System Developer (and bodybuilder) nicknamed 'Muscles' is working with us hardware guys to make good use of all the gym time and protein powder consumed over the past months

I hand him a huge heavy disk array from one of the then in-service EMC SAN's and he is walk out the server room.

IT Boss steps in to lend some morale to the working guys and sees Muscles walking very gingerly with the huge disk array

IT Boss: What do you have there Muscles?

Muscles: this is a UPS

Level 12

Kenneth W. Cohen

Network Analyst

Global Technical Services, IT

Office: 470-448-5870

Mobile: 678-428-9875<>

Level 7

I have been buying an selling laptops for over 4 years, you meet the craziest of people and hear some statements from sellers and buyers that will stay with you till your final hours on the planet.

Here are a few of my funnies.

Work mate Alan(Aldo (Dildo), wanted me to sort his broken laptop that he had dis-assembled and reassembled due to overheating.", so Dildo brings in the laptop and says:-

Alan " keeps coming up no operating system"

I takes off the hdd cover and removes the hdd

Me " Alan where is the cable to connect the hdd to the motherboard"

Alan " in the house in a box with some other spare bits that would not fit back in"

Hence his new nickname Dildo!!!


I was selling a msi gaming laptop i7 quad core,16Gb ram,1Tb SSD with 4Gb Nvidia Graphics card, got an email from a buyer wanting to do a part exchange. So I got the spec of his acer laptop and agreed to do a part exchange and cash, I knew from the specs I could upgrade the intel B970 chip on the acer to a 3rd gen i5 3210m due to the socket type.

So the fellow came round, I inspected his laptop and he inspected mine and we agreed on the exchange, but when it came to the money the guy expected ME to give him cash for his laptop not the other way around - who would have guessed.


Had a guy wanting me to do a small upgrade on his desktop by installing a bluray dvd drive, he said he had already bought the drive, so I quoted him a price invited him round.

Yea, the guy bought a bluray drive alright, soo good in fact all it needed was a hdmi cable to hook it up to his tv.


The msi gaming laptop that I was selling, had another punter offer £200 for it, claiming that it was only worth around £150.

So a series of text messages was exchanged, here it is word for word

Me" the solid state drive was £300 it's self mate and it's brand new just out the box, the complete package is worth over £1200, I am looking for £950"

Punter" naw mate your computer is only worth about £150, but I am willing to give you £200, coz I can sell the drive for about £250"

Me" so your going to remove the ssd and sell it for £250"

Punter" aye mate"

Me " tell you what, If you can spell MISSISSIPPPI without looking at how I have spelled it I will give you it for free"

Punter" deal mate   mississipppi "


I have had quite a few insulting offers on laptops so this is my response to pissoff the idiots.

" that sounds like a good deal mate, why dont you come round and have a pump at the misses as well, Oh and there is some beer in the fridge"


Level 12

I used to do custom builds. Your stories are very familiar to some of mine. Very funny!

Kenneth W. Cohen

Network Analyst

Global Technical Services, IT

Office: 470-448-5870

Mobile: 678-428-9875<>

Level 7

This is not related to computers, but funny any way.

In Scotland there are 2 main types of bread Pan bread and Plain Bread(Scotch Loaf), yes we do have other types of bread, get real.

When I was employed by a surfactants manufacturer ( washing up liquids, fabric softener, bleach etc) as a QC Analyst, we had an impending audit by a major supermarket.

On the day of the audit, the manufacturing director John was pitching in and getting the pallet wrapping area tidy, at the location was my self and a warehouse employee Davie.

John(English gentleman) " David I found half a sandwich behind the wrapping machine, Is it Yours?"

Davie " Is it Pan or Plain John "

John " I think it's pan"

Davie " Is it white or brown "

John( still not caught on ) " I think its brown "

Davie " It's not mine mate, I don't eat Brown bread "

I could hardly stand after the pan or plain, the remainder of the conversation just took me well over the edge.

Level 12

You could go on Graham Norton with that story, brilliant!

Kenneth W. Cohen

Network Analyst

Global Technical Services, IT

Office: 470-448-5870

Mobile: 678-428-9875<>

Level 7

Back in 2000 when I was going through college for computer network administration.  I started to do side jobs out of my uncle store fixing computers.   A lady came in one day and told me that during the storm last night lightning hit the house she thought and the computer stopped turning on.  So i took a paper clip and grounded out the power supply of course got nothing like you would expect.   After looking at the power supply for any burn marks or smells.  I noticed the switch in the back was changed from 115 to 230.  I switched it back over and sure enough she fired right up.  I didn't even bother charging the woman.  She left the store smacking her son in the back of the head because he said he only unplugged it after the lightning hit.  

Level 7

A  great friend of the family called me up one day to come look at her computer because it wouldn't post and only the fan turned on and it was running full throttle.  After I got there and trouble shooting a few minutes came to the conclusion that the Motherboard had went bad.  I gave her a Small form factor P4 while I ordered a new motherboard.  Not but 3 hours later she called and told me the one I dropped off was doing the exact same thing.   I told her to unplug it and I would be right over.   When I got there, it was the exact same thing as her original tower did.  This time I knew it couldn't have just been a coincidence so I started to follow the power trail.   The power bar had it surge protector light on and was grounded.  After moving all the stuff that was along that way i found that from the wall outlet she had a dollar store 6 multi out splicer that then went to an extension cord to a power bar to a power bar to a power bar then the computer plugged into that.   Every piece had burn marks on them.   It was amazing that she didn't have a fire in that house.  Come to find out that the house was built in late 1800's and only had 2 outlets in each room.  Some of the outlets were still from the 60's or so.   They had no actual grounding they were grounding them to the wall plate itself or not at all.   So she did fix the electrical wiring and before I would fix her PC she had to buy a single power bar that was good enough to plug everything in without overloading or having any other bars or splitters or anything plugged in.  You can not piggy back power bars for any reason.  An extension to a power bar is safe but don't do power bar and then extension then power bars.  And just because its cheap at the dollar store doesn't mean it is well built enough to run your electronics on.  On final note she did pay for mine to be fixed even though as a friend i told her not to worry about it. 

Level 7

I had someone ask me why when they gave there email out people would laugh at them.   I won't give you the real one but it was   When they signed up at hotmail they thought they had to add there own in making it look that way.  They never understood why it printed twice.   LMAO