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Happy Father's Day!

Community Manager

Happy Father's Day to all the IT Professionals out there! Colton's Dad is a SysAdmin, so we asked him to tell us exactly what he thinks his Dad does at work every day.



I am the father of two young children. We listen to Absolutely Mindy on Kids Place Live on SiriusXM every morning as a result. Yesterday morning Mindy was asking listeners for their favorite Dad Jokes. So on a whim I called in and made it on the air and told my joke. I think I made Mindy snort:she laughed so hard:

   Look outside a window, point and then shout, "Oying!" When your kids ask, "What's an oying?" You respond with, "You are!" 

Mindy said I won Dad Jokes and it will be replayed over the weekend in honor of all dads everywhere and Dad Jokes.

With my kids out of town for college or summer jobs or traveling, what's a father to do on Father's Day?

Go fishing!

Ontario:  where the people are practical and the fish can be big!



Funny thing is my dad was a mainframe systems programmer which is how I got into IT.


Very nice but Father's Day here in Australia isn't until September

Level 14

That was great!!

When my own kids were young they used to ask what I did...

My response: "Well when people call daddy on the phone, it's not to ask what am I doing for lunch!"

Level 10

My father was a dairy farmer for 38 years(since childhood). We moved off the farm when I was 12 and he got into HVAC. He is the hardest working man I know. Had triple bypass heart surgery in November and wanted to go back to work the next month, though he probably shouldn't. Does he know what I do in IT? Of course not, why would he. But I love him anyways! To all the dad's out there, thank you for being proud of your geek's and showing us how to work hard in life.

Level 14

My dad was an HVAC guy... Worked hard and loved to teach what he knew.....particularly with young people who wanted to get in the business...

Level 20

My dad was a Aeronautical Engineer... but they didn't do much with computer in his day really.  Slide rules and drafting paper mainly... he got out of engineering and into selling jet engines as an engineer instead.  I can't complain he took good care of us... now I fix all his computer problems and help his use Android because Apple devices are banned in our house per ME!