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Halloween Survey: Simple End User-Caused Problems Masquerading as IT Catastrophes

Community Manager

It was a dark and stormy day. The kind of day you just knew something bad—no, something evil—was going to happen. That’s when the help desk ticket came in. There was something different about this one, though. Something…eerie.

“Oh, no! It sounds like VoIP might be down,” shouted an admin.

In a mad dash, the IT team turned to their trusty VoIP & Network Quality Manager to determine the cause of the problem. They looked up from their flickering monitors with dismay.

In a low, shaky voice, the admin announced, “Everything looks normal, though.”

“But that can’t be!” Shouted another. “We’ve got the helpdesk ticket right here to prove it. Could there be…a ghost in the machine?”


As it turned out, what really happened was that the end user who reported the problem unknowingly pulled the cord out of their handset. A little less spooky perhaps, but no less frustrating.

How many times have end users bombarded your help desk demanding their technology issues be addressed—passing blame on to the IT department in the process—when in reality, it was a simple problem they caused and could have easily solved themselves?  Well, here’s your chance to vent about your own horror stories of simple end user-caused problems masquerading as IT catastrophes—just in time for Halloween.

Please click here to take our short 1-minute survey and tell us your best story.

The survey closes on Friday, October 17. Give it a whirl before then and we’ll be sure to reward you with 250 thwack points. Oh, and Happy Halloween!