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Getting Started with Virtualization Manager

Curious to learn about Virtualization Manager?

This course offers users an introduction to Virtualization Manager. Focusing on installation, configuration and management of Virtualization Manager to reduce resorce usage and sprawl in the Virtual Environment. This course is a great primer and will get you up to speed quickly on Virtualization Manager.

*NOTE: Attending this training will earn you 2,000 THWACK points!

Please register to attend the live trainings from the SolarWinds Academy!

Title: Getting started with Virtualization Manager


Schedule: Thursday, March 15th, 2018 09:00 - 13:00 CST

How to register: To register your attendance for this class please log into the customer portal and select the appropriate class and date to register.



I always appreciate these courses--even for products I don't own.  It's an opportunity to get a foot in the door and bring a new solution to other teams.


I've been pitching this product to my team, looking forward to getting more information.


I have this installed and integrated, I am sure I will get some pointers on how to make my installation better.  Thanks for taking the time to organize and get this set up!  I could use all the help I can get!

Level 9

Will this be available as a recording or possible be offered again?  I was not able to attend.


I too missed this event due to a work issue, I am still interested in the content ...less the points... will you all be posting this event to replay?

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