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Expert Series Class - March 31st - AppStack & Troubleshooting SAM Component Monitors

Level 14

We have a 2 hour course offered next week on March 31st from 11AM CT, hosted by Kong Yang, Head Geek and Wiliam Muhle, Support Application Engineer. This live course is limited to 200 people, but it will be recorded and available in the Customer Portal in early April.  Here is the course description:

Effectively and efficiently managing change in one’s IT environment is key to optimizing the performance and availability of any application. In this session, Kong Yang, Head Geek, will demonstrate best practices on using Server and Application Monitor to manage the dynamic change associated with continuous service integration and delivery. He will:

-Discuss in detail a framework to handle change management

-Demonstrate it in practice using SAM and the AppStack while optimizing a tiered application as it changes over time

Kong's co-host, William Muhle, Support Application Engineer,will highlight the SAM application monitor debug logs in relation to WMI and Performance Counter component monitors and how to utilize them o trouble shooting SAM. He'll demonstrate how to:
-Utilize logs to get the WMI query/Performance Counter information
-Utilize Wbemtest/PerfMon to validate the query/performance counter result gained from the debug logs

Date: 3/31 at 11AM Central Time

Sign up:

At this same URL, will notice that the April Orion 101/102 and NPM 201/201 courses are also available for registration.

Level 21

I want this.  Send me bodies to fill in my employee/team gaps and I'll love to attend.

Level 10

I wish these classes were available to people outside the customer portal. 

Level 14

Hi Kimberly,

If you are a customer under maintenance, I can sign you up. Please send me who wants to attend - names and emails -  and your SWID and I'll enroll you.

Level 10

Good Class.  Thank you for you assistance in getting the SWID and and enrolling me in the class.

About the Author
Like SolarWinds, I have roots in Oklahoma and have been fond of land grant schools as I went from Oklahoma State University, moving South to Texas A&M University.  Like my college career (accounting, political science, Russian language and then MBA), I have suffered ADD in my professional career moving from finance to strategy to product management and marketing.  I have, however, settled on the broad niche of systems management and have acquired knowledge in this space over the last 11 years. I was very happy to join the SolarWinds team in January 2012 and have been very impressed with the technology.  I look forward to engaging with this community.