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Dear Network: You’re lucky to have me…

Level 16

Dear Network,

St. Patrick’s Day is approaching and it’s got me to thinking about all that luck of the Irish business. After all, have you ever considered just how lucky you are to have me as your admin? Between taking the heat for your slow connection speeds and trying to keep tabs on your packet loss, it hasn’t exactly been all sunshine and rainbows for me, you know. Yet here I am, day in and day out, caring for you as if you’re my own wee lass. So, while we continue to reach together for that networking pot o’ gold, all I really want is for you to understand just why you’re so lucky to have me. Let me count the ways…


Your NetAdmin

Back in October, we asked you to share with us what words of advice and comfort you had for your network heading into the New Year. Well, we’re at it again, except this time, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we want you to tell us why your network is so darn lucky to have you as its admin.

Yeah, we know it’s all a little quirky, but you gotta admit, it’s kinda fun, too. And while none of us actually pen such letters to our networks—well, there may be a few of us who do—how often do thoughts like this cross our minds throughout the day? After all, networks can get a little unruly from time to time, and it’s a difficult job bringing them back in check.

So, while it might bring back painful memories, please think back to some your most trying times with your network and tell us (and your network) using the comments section below why it’s lucky to have such a responsible, attentive admin such as yourself (this will probably be a good exercise in self-appreciation as well).

Do so by February 29 and you’ll receive 250 lucky charms, er, thwack points in return.

Level 10

actually my network is pretty lucky to not have me as an admin. 
I'd be the reason all of the bandwidth was taken up!

Dear Network,

While I am not your admin, I am fine that you are with, and happier, another. Always know that I am never far... watching, waiting... for that next alert to raise. I will then, as I have always done, make sure your admin is treating you right. Sleep well, my dear network, sleep well under my watchful eye! You are never alone...


   Lord Availability

Level 14

Dear Network,

I know you long for the day when I can leave you alone. However, your days and nights of peculiar behavior are troublesome to me.

Know this, I am here for you... Every day and every night!!!  I will support you, help you grow,mature, play well with others and help you better verbalize your problems.  I will always be here for you and ready to handle your next crisis in maturity. Until then, I wait!


Your Watchful Guardian


Dear Network,

     I'm not the guy that takes care of you but I am the one who pushes your limits and boundaries and I just wanted to say that you should be glad to have the guys on our network team taking care of you. They are always there for you and they always have your best interest in mind.


Monitoring Team

Dear Network:

Sure'n you'd be hard-pressed t' find a fella who's willin' t sacrifice 'is own fam'ly time & pers'nal life like me.  I don' mean t' brag, but I'm in early, stayin' late, workin' God's own hours on weekends & holidays.

Why, I've even worked all Saint Paddy's day, and I'll be havin' ya understand right new that Five 9's is what we want, 'r they'll be the divel 't pay!

There ain't many net's that 're lucky enough t' have an admin like me.

Though I'm rarely compensated like I wish I could be

Many's th' time that I was afraid they'd worked me to th' brink

But then upon closer scrutiny, m' network was in the pink!

I treat m' network carefully, of that there is no doubt.

Implicit ACLs aren't m' friends, but I never leave 'em out!

And power that runs m' routing gear is always 208

'Cause P-O-E for VoIP's new phones demands that voltage weight.

Ooooh, I-love-m’-NETwork . . .

I've worked on it f'r nearly all me life

Ooooh, I-love-m’-NETwork . . .

And if ya don't believe me ask me wife!

Now Solarwinds came callin’ one day to ask if I had heard

Their product could make life better—and I didn’t believe a word!

So I loaded it up and fed it some strings and started it to ping

I couldn’t believe it when I saw--‘twas really a beautiful thing!

Whenever I might catch up on my work, at Thwack I'll spend me hours

Doing good turns for me network, stretchin' me wee brain's powers.

I've worked late in December on a WAN so far away

And NTA then told me "Improved throughput today!"

Ooooh, I-love-m’-NETwork . . .

How the Help Desk loves my new technique.

Ooooh, I-love-m’-NETwork . . .

They’re happy every time they take a peek!

Now I  NPM in the mornin’, and I NCM all night.

But I’m willin’ t’ bet on the weekends I’ll know everything’s all right.

I’ve used it on an upgrade on a cold and wintry day.

And I’ve used it to manage the network from a hundred miles away!

I must admit that I haven’t logged in to NCM today

But it’s chuggin’ away in the background, with wonderful things to say.

And you can sure be bettin’ Orion’ll handle all yer fears . . . .

For it’s the finest network manager I’ve ever used in years!

Happy Saint Paddy's Day t' Ya!

(With honor and appreciation to Johnny Holmes and his Traveling Fun Show!)

Level 14

Glory be ta gahd... ya hit bloody nail on the ole head!

(Seriously.... I am still laughing....... what an awesome post rschroeder​)



My network is lucky to have me as it's administrator due to

- I keep it humming along optimally

- cabling is neat and tidy

- redundant gear is removed rather than keeping the data centre warm

- issues are attended to swiftly (thanks to Solarwinds!)

This stops the network form getting unruly

Level 11

Dear Network,

I have been there for you from the beginning and have never left your side. I can remember the first time I ever heard the work Cisco and thought why are we buying food products. Yeah its been a long time. You are lucky to have me as you admin because I constantly watch over you. I monitor any needs that arise and give you checkups to keep you running smoothly. We make a great team.


it's been a long road, hasn't it? We've been through a lot together, and delivered an enormous amount of data for a large group of people. You and I both know how important you are - you certainly don't have to tell ME!

So why are you lucky to have me? I guess it's because no one else here cares about your success like I do. Plus, who else would stick up for you (with real data to boot) when some business type says 'it's the network'?

I know you do all the difficult stuff - just think of me as your press secretary. We'll do great things together, even if no one notices. Keep on keepin' on, all righty?



Level 10

Dear Network;

Not only are you lucky to have me, I am lucky to have YOU. Whereas the last network I was paired with demanded all of my time and attention 365x24x7; you only demand me 24x7 one week in seven.I have 6 weeks out of 7 to come for my 8-5 visit each weekday, and after that, I don't have to even remember you exist. I am free to live my life (something I didn't have at the last place). Thank you again, Network.

Your humble admin.

Level 9

There was a great network that ran

10 gig right out of the can

We plugged in our gear

Without a fear

There was a great network that ran

Level 9

Dear Network,

Why do you always break on me.  Don't I take good enough care of you?!

Your humble slave

Level 9


I work on your issues even when I am on vacation. You are very lucky to have me.


Dear network,

I don't  think you like me anymore, all you do is sit there and stare and the floor while users sit here waiting for more. This year I promise to hold up my end of the bargain in this relationship by performing the following:

1) Upgrade all external ISP connections

2) perform a routing cleanup process

3) upgrade IOS to the latest version on all of your devices

4) Utilize our monitoring to better provision the network as much as possible!

Level 9

Dear network,

With all the malicious activity that's taken place lately you're lucky to have me.  I'm not proud of some of the things I've done or said for you, like what I told a particularly bad actor after a cryptolocker scare  "​I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my data go now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will delete you."

Hopefully some day the end users will stop abusing you, and we can relax.

Level 15

Dear Network,

Although at time our relationship had been up and down.   Some might say we had collided with one another over things.   I took you down and showed you love and you have been there for me.   You are stay on like a sun that never sets, the speed has also improved, but with out me out relationship fails, because i know how you like it when we're in the conf t kind of mood.  Although i don't always look forward to the challenges, I do love your temper.

Remember when the power went out and we lost that one config, 2.5 days went by and i though you might be dead.  The plant was down the tempers were hot and 48 hours with no sleep, but in the end you opened up and revealed your inner secrets.   With a click and a some code you were once again alive, back up the config i did and even backup twice.   I know you are but a single thing which fiber can connect, but bring it down to its knees the plant you sure did.  We are friends again, but never doubt, a replace i do have, i'll never step out but i will replace you if you fail on me again.

I am more than an admin, you are more than a node.  A relationship i don't know if i would call it but a friendship it is now.   We are lucky to have each other, you give me things to do, but do me a favor and notify me so I can do my other jobs too.....

Maria, the trend I'm seeing here isn't the happy-go-luck St. Patrick's Day theme that I think you imagined.  I see a lot of down-trodden Network Admins, not upbeat folks like I want us all to be.

Maybe instead of a SW T-Shirt that says "No, the Network is NOT DOWN!", we should having something more positive.

It doesn't seem to be a meme that I can find graphics for.  I'm hoping folks can find a positive note to end their day on--maybe even look forward to coming to work!

Maybe something like these?

pastedImage_0.png  pastedImage_2.png

pastedImage_1.png  pastedImage_3.png



My network is so very lucky to have me... because I installed SolarWinds Orion and have made it soar.  It takes time and effort to care for technology, it is so nice to complement the network with Solarwinds NPM, NetFlow, APM, NCM, IPAM, and Virtualizaiton; it allows me and my team to sleep at night.  When we get our sleep, we come in much happier, and are not so apt to hit the equipment with a hammer, so the network should truly be grateful and is lucky to have well rested engineers.  I treated my network to a SolarWinds install and took it from bleeding red to a very serene St Patty's Day Green!  Cheers to me and my NET!

Level 9

Dear Network,

You are lucky to have me, I'm over worked and under paid and yet I still keep you operating without flaws.