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Customer Spotlight: Your Story

Community Manager
Thanks to everyone for their contribution, but the submissions are now closed.

It’s no surprise SolarWinds loves hearing from all of you in the community, but there’s never enough time to speak with everyone. As much as I like typing to everybody, I like seeing your bright, shining faces even more. I’ve met many of you in person at events or SWUG, but I’d like to know more of you and hear your SolarWinds story.

So, here’s what we propose: record a short video (technical guidelines below) of how your journey has been with SolarWinds.

Things to include:

  1. State your name, your title, and what year you started using SolarWinds; e.g. “My name is Kevin Sparenberg, I’m a Technical Content Manager, and I started using SolarWinds in 2008.”
  2. How did you start working with SolarWinds solutions?
  3. How have you used the products in your job?
  4. How has SolarWinds helped your career?
  5. BONUS: You have 10 seconds – what does SolarWinds mean to you?

Since I was a customer for so many years, I’ll share my story first:

Video Link : 1355

As you can see, this isn’t a SolarWinds Lab-level production. I just took this video with my laptop using my webcam. This is exactly what we’re looking for: you, your story, and your journey. We don’t want or need fancy studios, visual effects, or gimmicks to hear from the community. I was unshaven, without make-up, and just sitting at a desk with natural light. What do the kids say nowadays? Oh yeah: #NoFilter.

That’s it. That’s our request. Your video could be as short as 45 seconds but should be no more than five minutes. Whatever time it takes for you to tell your SolarWinds story is just fine. If you’re new, give us your impressions; if you’re an old hat, then tell us more about your journey.


  • For taking the time to do this for us, all participants with completed submissions will receive 3,000 THWACK points you can use in the store.
  • The first 50 submissions will also receive an exclusive SolarWinds 20 hoodie. [Terms and Conditions: US, UK, CA | DE | AU | HK, SG]
  • Then, a panel of judges will pick a single submission and that contributor will receive a cold-aisle data center survival pack including the SolarWinds 20 hoodie, a thermal insulated mug, and an emergency blanket. [Terms and Conditions: US, UK, CA | DE | AU | HK, SG]

How We’ll Use the Videos:

Like I said earlier, we love seeing and hearing from our customers. As SolarWinds reaches another milestone this year – marking 20 years in business – we want to make sure everyone gets a chance to contribute. We want your help in marking this milestone. Our Video Team will expertly craft the submissions into videos to be used as part of our celebration. I’m anxious to see everyone’s submissions.

Best Practices for Recording Video:

  • Be sure your camera lens is clean.
  • Record quality should be 1080 or higher.
  • Set your camera on something for a stable recording.
  • You’re the star, so frame your shot. Make sure you’re front and center.
  • Avoid busy backgrounds or too much clutter.
  • If using your camera on your phone, use the back camera. It’s generally better quality than your forward-facing camera. Enlist someone to help if necessary.
  • Try to avoid shadows, so be mindful of light sources. Don’t have a bright window behind you—face the window instead. Avoid sitting directly under or in front of downward facing light.
  • Find a quiet room for audio purposes. Avoid rooms with lots of echo. Not too big, not too small. Try to find the “Goldilocks room.”
  • Please, no logos displayed on clothing or in the background. Move that can of cola out off camera. This is about you, not product placement. Of course, SolarWinds logos are fine!
  • Be aware of other people. Make sure no one is in your video who didn’t agree to be in a recording. If you have a coworker who wants to be a part of this, encourage them to submit their own.
  • Look right into the camera to provide your answers. Watching a video where people look off camera is distracting.
Don't Do These Things... Video Link : 1359

IMPORTANT - Upload Process:

  • Preferred video file formats are MP4, MOV, MKV, or WMV.
  • Name the video file with your THWACK handle. For example, my video filename was “KMSigma.mp4.”
  • Either:
  • Upload the signed release with your video.  This allows us to use your video.  Use a matching file name (like "KMSigma.pdf").
    • Failure to upload a completed, signed release will disqualify your submission.
  • The submission process will close at 11:59 PM Central Time on Sunday, September 22, 2019.  Any submissions after that time cannot be accepted.

Submissions Closed


Sounds like fun.

Level 10

Submitted. When will we know if we are one of the first 50?

Level 9

Submitted! Thanks! earle.kelley​ I'm also curious, But I'm guessing we'll just have to wait for an e-mail!

I submitted yesterday.   Thanks for the opportunity to share, get points and maybe just maybe a hoodie, 2x please.   or XLT.     

Level 9

Hope I was one of the early birds!

I am all over this!! 




Level 8

Fun and done!



Ugh .. I got busted at the end of my video .. startled .. oh well .. submitted!!!  Thanks for the opportunity!!

Level 14

me, me, me  I want a hoodie

Level 12

i'm so shy. i can't  do this.

Level 7

Too bad they've closed this, because I think Solarwinds has the worst support in the world.  They want  you to pay an extra $45k a year for premium support, which is the same thing every other company give you for the price of the software.  Time to switch to OpenNMS.


Tiered support is always contentious. If you negotiate you can achieve significant discounts and the general support is very good anyway. I always get what I need within a day and i've never found that with any other software vendor. Solarwinds are often too keen to help badgering me when i'm asleep. I wish you well with OpenNMS, i've used similar in the past from Nagios to SNMPc and RHQ and i've always come back to Solarwinds as an all encompassing solution for my environments. If there was something better i'd be using it. They even tried to persuade me to use PRTG at my last job... It was alright at some things... for network monitoring, but for everything else I came back to Solarwinds.

I‘ve rarely had any issues with the support Team, and if we had, the issues could be negotiated. You don’t need to purchase premium support, that’s totally up to you. There are other solutions that offer premium support at the same price tag.
Check here: Support – The OpenNMS Group, Inc.
I´d also suggest working with an implementation partner, they know their stuff and help you get the most out of your Solarwinds implementation

About the Author
"Father, Husband, Gamer, Geek" - First draft of my headstone! In all seriousness, I've been working in IT for around 20 years, but have embraced IT as a hobby for 30. It all started back in the day when my father bought me a Sinclair Spectrum 48K (the original one, with the rubber keyboard). There I tried my hand and coding, and with the help of INPUT magazine, wrote my first program! Now, a seasoned (OK, OK, veteran, I am in my 40's now after all..) IT pro, and founder/principle consultant at my own IT consultancy business, I still do the odd but of scripting, but nowadays I work exclusively with SolarWinds' products. I help my own clients, and end-users alike, get the most out of their investment in this awesome set of products! I'm a self professed IT swiss-army knife, with deep knowledge in some fields, and enough to get by in most others. I have a thirst of knowledge and never turn away from a challenge. After all, we humans are all built to learn, right? =B']