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Aug 21, 1pm CT / Aug 22 10am BST - Server & Application Monitor 6.0 Sneak Peek

Level 15

Join us for a quick show and tell to get the details on SAM’s next release.  It’s jam-packed full of features:

  • Deep SQL monitoring
  • IT asset inventory dashboard
  • statistical thresholds generated from baseline
  • Real-Time Windows Event Log Viewer
  • And a lot more!

The SAM 6.0 release candidate is now available for current customers.

NA sign up here for Aug 21, 1pm CT.

EMEA sign up here for Aug 22, 10am BST.

About the Author
Christine joined the team in January ’09 and is currently a director of product marketing. She has experience in both very large and very small tech companies, and thinks that SolarWinds is just right.  She’s been in technology for about fifteen years doing project and product management. She loves Austin, but wishes CA would let us move Napa to Texas.