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Are you going to Microsoft Ignite 2016? Do you live in the Atlanta area? Come to SWUG September 28!

Community Manager

SolarWinds will be there! Booth 535, be sure to come see us! 

Also, since we're in town, we will be hosting a SolarWinds User Groups (SWUG)​ on Wednesday evening, September 28th from 6:30 - 10:30pm EDT.  Make sure to RSVP and save your seat!


Session Time (EDT)

Session Overview


6:30pm – 7:15pmRuth's Chris Dinner Served (see below for menu)
7:15pm – 7:30pmWelcome / Introductions / Ice Breaker & PRIZES

patrick.hubbard, Head Geek

7:30pm – 8:00pmOn The Horizon for Systems Management

stevenwhunt, Principal, Product Strategy (Systems)

8:00pm 8:30pm
What's New with NPMmavturner, Sr. Director, Product Strategy (Networks)
8:45pm – 9:30pmSolarWinds Best Practices & Thinking Outside of the Box

Dez, Head Geek

KMSigma, Product Manager

9:30pm – 10:30pmHappy Hour



RSVP now!

Level 21

If only these events happened in Minnesota . . .

DanielleH Community Manager
Community Manager

I know it's not Minnesota... but wabbott​ is coordinating a Chicago meetup for the week of October 17!  I know not everyone can travel but we've had attendees travel great distances, California resident came to Austin, Montana resident came to Seattle, etc.  We can provide a justification letter if it helps!

Level 16

Wow!!! I would go for the dinner alone. Unfortunately I am not able to attend. One of these days I am going to meet you guys at a conference. I was so close to meeting Leon earlier this year in DC. I am dying for SolarWinds socks. I have just the sandals to wear them with!!! 

Level 13

I wish I was'd be so nice to live in the states.

Level 21

"The grass is always greener . . ."  I'd love to live in Canada for many reasons!

pastedImage_0.png pastedImage_1.png pastedImage_2.png pastedImage_3.png

DanielleH Community Manager
Community Manager

Socks with sandals is something I haven't seen since I left Alaska in 2006.

DanielleH Community Manager
Community Manager

MD is above the fold, you're allowed.  

Level 16

The grass is always greener... except when it snows... which it hear it does A LOT in Canada. BTW, heckuva catch!!!

Level 19

That Ruth Chris steak dinner looks legit!

KMSigma Community Manager
Community Manager


Level 7

That was incredibly funny post KMSIGMA.  Better in Florida... what snow Ha!