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Alert how-to answers - from basic to complex

Level 14

If you have one (or more) Orion platform products (NPM, SAM, NTA, NCM, SRM, etc.), you're likely to have an alerting question. Over the last year we've built a lot of resources around all things alerting. Please check out these resources and, as always, we love to get your feedback on how we can improve.

If you like to read.....

If you like to watch..........

Custom Properties makes monitoring more efficient:

If you like to read........

If you like to watch...........


Excellent!  Thank you.  I'll dig into these and see if questions remain with my team.

Level 10

Nice list. Thanks!

Level 12

This is a great start!

How about NTA Top Talker Alerts? They're particularly tricky.

You might include them under some generic heading like "SQL Macro alerts" or "Alerts that return a web page by email that requires a login".

I've been sifting through these too and picking up some tidbits here and there. Some of the Custom Properties docs and vids have given me some new ideas. Thanks for posting, or reposting this!

Level 11


our client was having issue with high CPU utilization due to JobEngineWorker creating alot of threads because of access not being granted to perform the action, it had something to do with the antivirus i guess, anyways, TAC suggested us to migrate to another server and install NPM from scratch and we did, since then our alerts are not working fine, when we shut down an interface, its status doesnot updates automatically, we have to go to the interface and click at poll now  multiple times, then it will change the status and generate the alert and email.

Can anyone help me out here?

Best Regards.

Level 12

I love the Custom Properties field.  It's allows me to do some real tuning to ensure the right people get the right alerts and reports at the right time. 

Level 8

I could use something like this for LEM Rules.

Level 10

Awesome! Thank you!

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