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[Action Needed] Bookmark Your Product Roadmaps AKA What We're Working On

Community Manager

We have streamlined a new process to help you find the "What We're Working On" roadmaps provided by SolarWinds Product Managers.  Please pay attention to the changes below so you can ensure you've bookmarked the correct pages and receive notifications when a roadmap has been updated.

Before we get started, make sure you are logged in to your thwack account. You must be logged in in order to bookmark an item as instructed below.

As always, a good place to start when looking for SolarWinds product roadmaps is to click on the "Product Roadmaps" option in the global navigation. This guide will always be up to date with the latest and greatest. We have added the date of the latest update to the title of each post so you can easily see which roadmaps have recently changed.

  • Bookmark the What We're Working On Guide to receive updates when a new product roadmap update is available. This is exceptionally helpful for those of you with multiple products.

For individual product roadmaps, click on the link of interest which can be found in the What We're Working On Guide‌.

That's it! No further action is necessary once you've done this. These links will not change so as long as you have them bookmarked, you will always receive a notification when a roadmap is updated.  Please let us know if you have any questions!

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Nice summary Danielle!

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Very Informative

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This is really nice, well done Danielle.

Mining previous posts for this sort of thing rewards a person with gold.

It's almost like nearly the entire thwack site is one big F.A.Q.

Pearls like this page make the mining for gold that much more efficient--and rewarding