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I'm pleased to announce the release of Network Topology Mapper (NTM) 2.1.  Customers under active maintenance can find the new version on the customer portal.  If you're interested in NTM but don't own it, you can download a trial of the new version here.  NTM 2.1 includes the following new features:

  • SNMPv3 AES 192 & 256 encryption support
  • Support for VLAN discovery for Juniper®, HP®, 3Com, and others
  • Improvements to the way node properties are displayed
  • Enhanced help menu with built in SNMPWALK utility
  • UI tweaks including:
    • Interface names will be displayed up to an adjustable character count limit
    • Interface names, speed, and VLAN information can be exported to Visio®
    • More status information during the discovery scan process
  • Better merging algorithm when you run discovery on a map more than once
  • And much more!

For screenshots and more info, check out Cliton's product blog post.

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Orion mapping tools can fun to use, easy and intuitive--IF you're taking monitored/managed nodes from NTM and dropping them into a map and clicking Connect.

Mapping tools that go out and discover all devices on the network and then present them in a map--not so fun & useful, despite multiple options for filtering.  I'm still looking for that one tweak that allows me to only show one VLAN/logical Interface per node, with a very short name, and L2 connectivity only, and filters out anything that's not a switch or a router.

Manual discovery and Visio is the only way I've gotten something I can always use--and I don't like relying on that because I fear missing something.

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Lifelong technology enthusiast. Network Engineer turned Product Manager for network products. By geeks, for geeks! I started my career as a call center agent at a wireless ISP. I moved into the Network Operations Center to operationally support their network. I moved to another company to be a Network Engineer, and fulfilled that role at several different companies in different verticals including Healthcare, Software, and Finance. Eventually, I found my calling as a PM, where I work with all of the functions of a business, and particularly Development, to determine what to build next to deliver the most value to our customers.