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Level 15

It is my pleasure to announce the release of LEM 6.0.  Head on over to the customer portal to download your copy and enjoy the following new features (assuming you have active maintenance):

  • File Integrity Monitoring for Windows
    • Real-time monitoring of your files and folders including file reads, writes, deletes, permissions changes, and more
    • Real-time monitoring of your registry settings including key and value creates and deletes
    • A simple, intuitive interface that allows you to configure directories to watch, filename masks, and which types of events you want to monitor
    • Built-in templates to jump start your use of FIM to bolster compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, and many other compliance standards
  • New connectors for LOGbinder EX, Cisco®, VMware® and more
  • Significant performance enhancements for specific types of rules
  • Bug fixes, of course!

Check out the release notes for more detail, and be sure to watch our handy video on configuring FIM.

For more information and screenshots check out the product blog post for the RC.

Let me know what you think!

About the Author
Lifelong technology enthusiast. Network Engineer turned Product Manager for network products. By geeks, for geeks! I started my career as a call center agent at a wireless ISP. I moved into the Network Operations Center to operationally support their network. I moved to another company to be a Network Engineer, and fulfilled that role at several different companies in different verticals including Healthcare, Software, and Finance. Eventually, I found my calling as a PM, where I work with all of the functions of a business, and particularly Development, to determine what to build next to deliver the most value to our customers.