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2020 Bracket Battle: Reviver Edition

Level 12

And, here it is… at long last. 2020 BRACKET BATTLE! Let’s get this started!

There’s no coming back—or is there? What if that beloved character who met their unfortunate demise could be revived to fight another day or posthumously rip out your heartstrings? What if that long-lost companion could come back (without the creepy “Pet Semetary” vibe and smell) for more adventures?

Now is your chance to decide who will defy the laws of nature and history to return for a comeback. You decide who most deserves to another chance in this year’s bracket battle… Welcome to REVIVER! 

No zombie reanimation here…  but back to their true form and back into the fray! What if a shift in the universe has made it so our favorite heroes, heroines, friends and foes of the past make it back for a little redemption?

How many things would have turned out differently if your favorite character was allowed to continue with their story?

Oh, and it probably goes without saying, but spoilers abound in this year’s bracket battle. If your must-watch blockbuster queue in Netflix is reeeeally long… well, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Here’s a quick reminder on the rules of engagement:

Match-Up Analysis:

  • For the play-in and round 1 match-ups, we’ve provided short descriptions of the pairing.
  • Anyone can view the bracket and match-ups, but in order to vote or comment, you must have a THWACK® account,


  • Again, you must be logged in to vote and trash talk
  • You may vote ONCE for each match-up
  • Once you vote on a match-up, click the link to return to the bracket and vote on the next match-up in the series


  • Each battle you vote on will earn you 150 points which means you can earn upwards of 4,000 points overall to be spent in the store
  • Points will be rewarded once the match up has closed for voting
  • Congratulations to @Jfrazier who earned 1,000 points for being the first to correctly guess this year's bracket battle theme! Thanks to everyone who submitted here and here, you've given us plenty of ideas for 2021!




  • Please feel free to campaign for and debate the worthiness of your favorites (also, feel free to post pictures of bracket predictions on social media)
  • To join the conversation on social media, use the hashtag #SWIBracketBattle


  • Bracket release is TODAY, April 20
    • Voting for each round will begin at 12:00 a.m. in your local time zone
    • Voting for each round will close at 11:59 p.m. in your local time zone 
  • Play-in battle opens TODAY, April 20
  • Round 1 OPENS April 22
  • Round 2 OPENS April 27
  • Round 3 OPENS April 30
  • Round 4 OPENS May 4
  • Round 5 OPENS May 7
  • The Reviver will be announced May 14

If you have any other questions, please feel free to comment below and we’ll be sure to get back to you!

What power is slightly better than nothing at all? We’ll let the votes decide! 

Access the Bracket Battle overview HERE.

Level 17

Zombie Little Foot's Mom!

Level 12

There are many "Bambi moms" out there but how many "Little Foot moms" are there today?

Can I just say, that although this is cool, how do you leave Tony Stark off the list?  Or did i miss it?   I mean really? I see Ned.  I see lots of good ones, but no Darth Vader, no Leia, Iron Man, Ancient Mayans, Hair Metal, I mean there are so many options.


Level 10

I think if Tony Stark was on there - he'd win.  End Game.  😉

Level 9

The Play-in battle result is not finalized yet so Mufasa is going against ???.

Also some of the names are to vague without a link to reference such as the character "Coach".

Community Manager
Community Manager

@whitebd Thanks for the catch. This was fixed earlier. I also added clarification on the ones that didn't state such and such from; e.g. Coach vs Donny. It now says Donny from The Big Lebowski and "Coach" from Cheers. 

Level 13

Aww Geez -- I can't believe I missed the beginning of this #SWIBracketBattle! Doh!

But Wait, who says the Iron giant is dead? Don't you remember the end of the movie? The screw from his jaw starts rolling through the grass ostensibly to join up with the rest of the body part which landed in Greenland? The Iron Giant is definitely alive despite saving that small town from a nuclear blast.

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