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2020 Bracket Battle: Reviver Edition: The Final Face-off

Level 12

OK, so maybe this theme wasn’t such a great idea after all…

Maybe all the folklore about being careful about wishing for loved ones to come back from the other side is right…

Perhaps we were destined from the beginning to be gutted and heartbroken round after round when faced with the outcome of who the majority thought was most worthy to reclaim their lifeforce, even if it was just a thought exercise.

Some of you may not share this sentiment… your heroes still have a chance. But I can tell you, it burns.

We’ve lost so many for a second time. We pulled for River Song and we lost. We rooted for Mufasa and the opportunity was ripped from our fingers. We voted for Wash and we were denied.


We are left with the memories, and a bit of a sore ego.


And now, we must say goodbye to two more greats, leaving us with our final candidates for REVIVAL.

Goose, you soared to the semi-finals in a bracket filled with the purest of hearts. But alas, Yondo squeaked past to ensure there will not be another round of “playing with the boys.”

And Snape’s steely glare and sneaky ways hiding a heart of gold carried you to a face-off with Black Widow. But, your “charms” were no match for her sting.


Folks, we have a FINAL ROUND to make the Marvel Universe proud:






So please, help us finish this year’s battle strong and VOTE. Just a couple more days before we crown our REVIVER King or Queen.


And, let us know below who you were most sad to see go…


Access the bracket and make your picks HERE>>


History log:



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I am not a native of the Geek Kingdom, but I have been granted permanent legal resident status.  I find your culture intriguing and seek to study it closely so that I might help the rest of the world better understand your needs, motivations, and strange rituals. Somewhere in 1997, I discovered that I possess a pretty decent ability to take complex, technical "mumbo-jumbo" and explain it to anybody's grandmother.  Thus, a career was born.  And now, I run SolarWinds' corporate marketing and PR programs.  (So, if you are ever struck with a sudden and pressing need to declare your undying love of SolarWinds to a Network World reporter, feel free to call me.  I can make that dream happen.) I married a geek and am pretty sure that our two boys are already displaying the tell-tale signs of geek.  And while I have been known to kid about those with a professed love of technology...  it has changed my life for the better.  And no, Spock is not a superhero.