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2020 Bracket Battle: Reviver Edition - The Battle of the 32 is Upon Us!

Level 12

2020 Bracket Battle: Reviver Edition is underway, and the Mama play-in face-off is complete!

We started this year with a gut-punch of a match up. @yumdarling, of THWACK community management fame, wanted me to make sure that everyone knows she believes kicking off with a battle of animated mothers deserves a stern “mom look” and a defiant “tsk tsk.”

Parents have never had an easy road when it comes to animated features – but mothers, in particular, seem highly prone to misfortune. ‘Tis a shame as I think we can all agree that both of these baby boys, Bambi and Littlefoot, would have benefitted from just a bit more time with their loving mamas. Alas, only one can survive the match up to face another day.

In this epic battle for supremely sad, emphatically emotional, and dastardly disturbing deaths, the winner of the play-in round is...

Littlefoot's mom!


She barely has a moment to breathe before her next match-up against Mufasa commences. The battle of the 32 is up upon us!

We have pulled together an impressive list of pairings that await your verdicts. From sidekicks and loyal companions, to heart-throbs and leading ladies, there is something for everyone to debate in this next round. Place your votes now!

See y’all in the comments section. Anyone want to predict who the final victor will be?

History log:


Anyone want to predict who the final victor will be?

I'll go with Mufasa

Level 10

No points for voting this year? Was that feature removed with the new platform for the site?

Otherwise, I still enjoy it and thanks for giving us a little "extra" to get involved with during these difficult times. Could have brought ESPN in on it so they had something to broadcast. 😉 


Also, Ned Stark for the win. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

hey @joshyaf !


We are giving points for answers, you just receive them at the end of the voting period. All of yours went into your account last night 🙂


Let me know if you need anything else.



Level 10

@yumdarling  I didn't notice. My apologies, I should have checked point history. I think before it was instantly after voting. Appreciate the follow up!



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