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2020 Bracket Battle: Reviver Edition It’s Quarterfinal Time!

Level 12

We find ourselves entering the quarterfinals and getting closer to the end – with eight fan favorites hand-selected by our community to keep the fight alive.


I am always surprised to see what our collective geekdom will value in these Bracket Battles. Who will prevail when two competitors lock horns to battle for their right to survive another day? I have to be honest; I think that we all expected closer results – at least a FEW nail biters and Cinderella stories to give us some drama, but there appears to be strong consensus amongst the masses as to who deserves the right to be in the Elite Eight.


One surprise, at least for me, was Iron Giant’s decisive victory over Wash in a battle that felt the most sentimental among the fan favorites. 


Let’s get to the rest of this round’s victors:


Ned Stark sends “Coach” back to the bar.

Yondu puts Old Yeller to sleep for the second time.

Goose went all the way against Lennie Small.

The Iron Giant launches Wash back into space.

Black Widow puts the sting on King Kong.

Mufasa out parents Maude Flanders.

Severus Snape lays an Avada Kedavra on Barb Holland.

Bubba ships Jack Dawson out to sea.


We have eight contenders for Bracket Battle glory, all still fighting for a second chance at mortality.


Only you have the power to decide who will win it all. But first, let’s decide the Quarterfinal!


Access the bracket and make your picks HERE>>


History log:

About the Author
I am not a native of the Geek Kingdom, but I have been granted permanent legal resident status.  I find your culture intriguing and seek to study it closely so that I might help the rest of the world better understand your needs, motivations, and strange rituals. Somewhere in 1997, I discovered that I possess a pretty decent ability to take complex, technical "mumbo-jumbo" and explain it to anybody's grandmother.  Thus, a career was born.  And now, I run SolarWinds' corporate marketing and PR programs.  (So, if you are ever struck with a sudden and pressing need to declare your undying love of SolarWinds to a Network World reporter, feel free to call me.  I can make that dream happen.) I married a geek and am pretty sure that our two boys are already displaying the tell-tale signs of geek.  And while I have been known to kid about those with a professed love of technology...  it has changed my life for the better.  And no, Spock is not a superhero.