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2020 Bracket Battle: Reviver Edition And Then, There were FOUR!

Level 12

We are down to our final four of this year’s Bracket Battle and it starting to get a little… interesting.

What strikes me in this round, is that with the exception of Goose vs Iron Giant (which was a matchup of the ultimate wingman…), the choice was between a character with a checkered past and someone with a pretty straightforward record of goodness. And, apparently, we all prefer a little complication in our favorite candidates for revival.

So, where do we stand heading into the Semi-Finals?

YONDU bests Ned Stark to face off against GOOSE who took out Iron Giant
BLACK WIDOW who easily knocked off Mufassa will take on SNAPE who squeaked by Bubba in the tightest match up so far.

You know the drill by now. We can’t get to our final REVIVER without your participation and votes. So, let’s get this next round going!

Access the bracket and make your picks HERE>>


History log:

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