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2017 SolarWinds THWACK MVPs Announced!

Community Manager

Please join us in congratulating 14 community members who have reached the ranks of the elite SolarWinds THWACK MVPs!  Also deserving of recognition are the 47 folks who renewed their MVP status for yet another year, some of which have been apart of the MVPs for 5+ years!

In case you haven't already come across these folks in your conversations here on THWACK, below is a brief introduction for our 14 new MVPs.  Be sure to connect with them and the rest of our MVP roster, they are a power house of knowledge and SolarWinds how-to, best practices, etc.  You can find the full list of MVPs and learn more about how you can join the program here.

Celebrations are in order! Congratulations from all of us here at SolarWinds and the THWACK Community!


2017 SolarWinds THWACK MVPs


Username: tomiannelli

Name IRL: Thomas Iannelli

Professional Title: Information Services Manager

Iowa, United States

Username: mikegale

Name IRL: Michael Gale

Professional Title: Systems Administrator

Alabama, United States

Username: robertcbrowning

Name IRL: Robert Browning

Professional Title: Consultant

United Kingdom

Username: designerfx

Name IRL: Matthew Reingold

Professional Title: Network Engineer

Illinois, United States

Username: m60freeman

Name IRL: Mark Freeman

Professional Title: DBA

Ohio, United States

Username: nickzourdos

Name IRL: Nick Zourdos

Professional Title: Network Administrator

Michigan, United States

Username: kurtrh

Name IRL: Kurt Hashbarger

Professional Title: Network Engineering Chief

Virginia, United States

Username: tinmann0715

Name IRL: Peter Monaghan

Professional Title: Availability & Production Manager

Maryland, United States

Username: michael.kent

Name IRL: Michael Kent

Professional Title: Head of Infrastructure

United Kingdom

Username: damien.solodow

Name IRL: Damien Solodow

Professional Title: IT Engineering Lead

Indiana, United States

Username: m_roberts

Name IRL: Mark Roberts

Professional Title: Technical Director

United Kingdom

Username: sacosgrove

Name IRL: Sean Cosgrove

Professional Title: Systems Engineer

Washington, United States

Username: skhan

Name IRL: Steven Khan

Professional Title: Monitoring Engineer

New Jersey, United States

Username: mprobus

Name IRL: Michael Probus

Professional Title: Technical Architect

Kentucky, United States

Great job everyone, and welcome aboard!

Huzzah! Huzzah! I am honored. Thanks everyone!

Wow!  That's a lot of power, all at one time.  Congratulations, all!

I'm happy to see the United Kingdom represented, too.  I look forward to the day when many more countries will have SW MVP's and we can expand our knowledge and diversity, and grow from new perspectives and cultures.

The Bobble-Head Army just grew by almost a third!


Welcome to all the new MVP's !!

Seems to me there needs to be a page with all the bobbleheads going....

Whee! I hope those bobbles have a secret NFC tag in the bottom Time to find the MVP group! Definitely feeling very honored.


Jfrazier​ If you make the page, the bobble head posts will come...

I have this urge to tell wabbott​ to select an active new Thwack Member at random and give them 12,000 of my thwack points to use in the store! They could get those socks or Windbreaker!

Congrats to everyone else, and thank you for the honor DanielleH !


This is such an honor. Thanks.

Level 15

So excited for all our new MVPs! Congrats to all!

Level 9

Congratulations to all!

Level 14

I feel really honoured.  Thank you

Level 12

I am surprised, humbled, and honored to have been selected. Congratulations to my fellow MVPs, new and renewed!

Wahoo! Glad to be part of this awesome community. Congrats to all the other MVP's!

Level 10

Congratulations everyone!!


Thank you for the warm welcome to an exclusive club.

I hearby pledge to continue to strive to evangelise, teach, deliver all things SolarWinds and push SolarWinds to make great products even greater!

Level 11

Congrats all ya people..

Try to get my name on that list soon


Congrats to each of you.

Level 15

Welcome all

Thanks for all your contributions to both the new and old MVPs!

Level 15

Congratulations Everyone, its a wonderful honor to be selected, no pressure.  Its been a great pleasure reading and sharing in your contributions.   Keep up all the good work. 

Level 14

Awesome job everyone!


Honored to be selected.  Congrats to all and Thank you Solarwinds.

Level 13

Congrats to everyone!  Welcome!

Level 21

Congrats and welcome!  It's nice to have some fresh new I mean members! 

Folks! I am excited to pitch in anyway that I can. 🙂 I have always been known as a team player.

Level 12

Hearty Congratulations to ALL

Level 16



Welcome all!


Well done guys! Welcome to the crazy club

Level 10

Super awesome!

Level 9

Congrats everyone!

Level 10

Great job everybody! Hard work pays (in many different ways) off.

Community Manager
Community Manager

They colored the capes and socks red! Orange, people! #f99d1c

They are on their way to our office, then I'll package up some more goodies and it'll be on the way to your doorstep.


Can not wait. Looking forward to receiving that box. It will be like Christmas all over again.

Level 12


Same. I hope she packed in an extra MVP labcoat or two

Level 13

Yippie - Didn't quite arrive in time for SWUG [AUS] but will be great in the office with all my other SW goodies.

Level 13

Congrats everyone, welcome to the family.

Goodie bags, you say!

Level 15

OK here is your Bobblehead....   rschroeder​  2016-01-07 18.03.18 (420x800).jpg

Oh yeah and notice the Ninja on the wall, I had both the male and female fathead, but alas, they are no more.   I got a bigger office, and lost the fatheads in the move.


Still waiting for mine to arrive from 2015!  Last I heard they'd gotten to Danielle, but they were red instead of Solar Winds Orange--and that was February of 2017.

Sigh . . .

Level 15

All good things come to those who wait, and all i can say is it'll be worth the wait.  

Community Manager
Community Manager

rschroeder Just got it earlier this week.  It's coming in the same package as your 2017 gift, the Raspberry Pi custom cases (Pi included)


DanielleH​  when should the rest of us expect these?

Wow!  I've grayed a lot since I became an MVP!


Warning!  Don't become an MVP!

Guess I'll have to get a little gray spray paint for my bobble head . . .

Level 21

LOL, are you suggesting the MVP invite should come with a warning label? 

Naturally!  It's obvious that becoming an MVP has aged me 14 years.  Isn't it?

This guy was just a regular Network Admin on the left.  On the right he'd become an MVP.


Community Manager
Community Manager

The bobbleheads were for last year's MVPs.  The 2017 gift is the Raspberry Pi custom cases.  Each year you renew your status you'll get the annual gift.