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HTML Templates for Advanced Alert Manager:

colour coded html templates for Advanced Alert Manager,

Green for good

yellow for warning

red for bad


Great work, I really like what you have come up with here.

As a suggestion, I always add "This alert was generated by ${AlertName} at ${AlertTriggerTime}." to the bottom of my alerts to make it easy to identify the source of the alert in question.  Very useful when things don't work out as expected and you're trying to trace why a million emails have turned up in your mailbox

Excellent work. Thanks for sharing.

Great work. Such an impressive granularity. I am not that far yet, but this is an excellent example of how this must be setup. Thank you for sharing

This is awesome, how would you go towards applying this in an environment?

hi tanner, when I have a moment I am going to write up a guide

That's great news!


Looking forward for your guide and thank you for sharing

You're the best

Sure would like to see that guide!    


Please let me know how to add this in the environment?



I was not able to use there any tip on this ?

Has a guide been posted for this process?

It's really easy. Just go to the Orion server and under actions copy the code on the body email and dont forget to mark as a HTML email. I find out that in my environment to be able to send HTML emails you need to be authenticated on the email server.

Anyone receiving these on a mobile device? My only concern is the alert read on a small screen.  And for our pagers I still have to do a normal text alert.

Otherwise, This is a very nice setup. I would have to adjust these slightly, no biggie!

Jeremy these are very cool.

Thank you for sharing.

Does anyone have a suggestion how to remove the blank portion before the alert?

What I am getting in email is a small (a couple of lines) worth of just background white before i see the nice colored alert outline & then all its fields.

It is even worse on my iphone. I have to basically scroll down a page worth on the small iphone email to get to the actual html & body of the alert.

Being able to make that go away would be perfect.

Remove any extra spaces or line breaks, sometimes (1990's style) HTML can pickup those extra's and apply them inappropriately.  Though I have not toyed with this one yet, I would expect there to be a loose translation of the code.

Thanks CA but as far as I can tell there is no extra line breaks.

Here is the alert code & the alert email. As I indicated the couple of lines in the pc view of the message isnt an issue but on the smaller iphone screen its like a full page down of white before i see the actual alert.

If you look at the screen cap you can see the "code" is all the way up at the top in the alert field. Yet when it comes through email there are lines of blank that seem to push the html stuff down several lines.html_too_many_empty_lines.jpg

Yeah, run that together...  and there are spaces between a Tablr Row setup </tr> <tr>   <- remove that space

<html><head><style type='12345' /></head>



HTML can be funny so you may want to experiment with this a little.

You may want to google the colspan.. can't remember what that affects.


thank you.

I did not realize the body of the html was actually where I needed to remove the space.

Taking your suggestion it appears to work now & looks like it should on the small screen of an iphone.

Thank you again!

Glad you have something usable!

Thanks for this,

Something that I have been meaning to do myself, now I do not need to do it. I will just edit yours a little to suite our environment


Awesome and thank you I kept procrastinating about making these and your did the dirty work much appreciated.

I tried using this but the formatting does not look good.

I want it to look like this when I open the html file in a browser.


But when I paste the code in Alert Manager, I get this in email.


The height of the table is too big. I even put "height" of the table in the html code.

<td style="width:225px;height:25px;background-color:#FFE0E0;text-align:justify;padding:3px" ><p><strong>Node Name:</strong></p></td>

I figured it out. Basically you have to paste the html code as one line into Alert Manager.

I saw the OP state it in another thread about it.

I can confirm this just resolved my HTML formatting issues.

DO you have a HTML Code where I can pass the Alert Variables at the end so that it can pickup the colour from the above HTML body.

You can add variables with the 'Insert Variable' button. Then cut and paste them where you need in the HTML Code. Or Build the code around your text that is already there. A lot of folks use a table so you can set the cell colors and spacing as desired


This is a very rudimentary example, and I would suggest adding in the variables directly from your console so they are all correct and properly aligned with the entity you are alerting on.

This makes me happy. 😊

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