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monitoring ports

I need to monitor ports as Https by using NPM and make alerts if there are any problem is related to that port

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Hi reham saeed​ can you provide a little bit more information on what you are trying to do? Are you trying to monitor a HTTPS Site using port 443? As in etc or are you looking for HTTP Traffic being passed over a specific network interface?

Also what SolarWinds products do you have?

- David Smith
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Hi Reham,

For ports monitoring you require NTA.



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You have two things here, the first is NPM. The NPM module will poll data from a SNMP enabled device such as ifInOctets and ifOutOctets OID’s to tell you how much data is passing through the interface.

The second is NTA, the NTA module will give you a deeper insight into the traffic, this is done by sending Flow data from the device to SolarWinds.

configure devices to send flow data.

configure an alert based on flow data

If for any reason you didn't have the NTA module you can still set up an alert based on the interface traffic, bear in mind you wont know the protocol information. Here is a link on creating an alert based on utilisation in NPM Success Center

you would also need to create an alert for interface status Success Center , you mentioned you wanted to know about any problems with the interface, you should also look into configuring alerts for interface errors and discards.

thirdly, if you have SAM you could create a HTTP/s component to monitor availability and response times of the applciation Success Center 

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NTA has a capability to monitor ports. You can do that using NTa.

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