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forecasting custom universal pollers?

Like many, we are sending more and more users home to work. We are approaching our current design limit on concurrent VPN sessions. (polling our ASA  against 

I'm trying to get a forecast of when the concurrent sessions will fill at the current rate of increase. I see multiple similar alerts for CPU, RAM, and disk, but dont see an obvious way to tweak one of those other forecasting alerts to fit this poller. 


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All of those alert leverage the fact that SolarWinds has built in tables specifically for calculating those rates of change and forecasting them out. Since those tables don't exist for UNDP's you basically need to do the math yourself with custom SQL. Depending on how advanced you want to get into the statistics you could do something like just compare a value from a month ago the most recent stat, divide by the number of days for a rate of change. In practice I bet you would want something a little more accurate than that, but fortunately there's tons of data out there about how to do robust forecasting in SQL
- Marc Netterfield, Github
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