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Level 7

complex condition Alert variable Logic


When i Make A complex condition Alert With 2 different  scoping object  what solar variables  can i use ?

the firs condition Variable's or the second one ? or maybe both ?

Logically you suppose to be able to use both but for some reason it does not

right now I am trying withe first condition Node and Second condition Component  and only the Node variable's working all other variable's  doesn't work

can someone help me how can i also use the component variable's

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Level 7

this is the triger I'm Trying to use

thanks for the help 🙂


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I would write the alert like this (but I need more information on what your trying to alert on to help refine it)

Setting the trigger condition 'I want to alert on:' to 'component' will open those variables you will need.


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Level 12


Can you explain the variables you are expecting / looking for?  Maybe post a screen capture of what you have so far and pencil in what you expect?

I started a test alert and see variables from node and component when I setup advanced > complex conditions.


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